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4 Minute Abs is a program developed by Jake Hunter to give you a leaner look, specifically targeting your midsection. He created this short, but intense, routine which targets the abdomen and oblique muscles in addition to stubborn belly fat.
Time is limited nowadays and for many individuals spending hours in the gym is not possible. Now with 4 Minute Abs there are no excuses because it only requires 4 minutes of your time, three days a week. Results may begin to surface in as little as one week, but as you continue on, greater changes will become notably obvious.
The program is composed of strength exercises that do not include the typical series of sit-ups and crunches. Specific details pertaining to the type of exercises you will be doing include a circuit program consisting of different challenging core movements with no periods of rest in between sets. Even after you have concluded the 4 Minute Abs routine, calorie burn will continue throughout the day.
The cost of the program depends on the format in which you choose to purchase. The book costs $47.00 and the DVD costs $49.00. Refunds on purchases, less shipping costs, are allowed if the product is returned within 60 days. You are responsible for including the proper documentation in the return package and must pay for the cost of shipping. 
Reviews by 4 Minute Abs customers were positive. These reviews were not only submitted by men over the age of 30, they were also submitted by women and included individuals of all age groups. People who did the routine regularly saw results and noticed their midriff was becoming leaner. The reviews by customers who had the best results were those who ate healthy meals and added cardio to their daily activities.  
Complaints from customers were posted by those who expected to lose weight from the 4 Minute Abs circuit. Losing weight is possible by expending more calories than calorie intake. Additionally, muscle weighs more than fat and 4 Minute Abs strengthens your abdominal muscles. This may explain why weight loss was not achieved for these customers.
While there is no substitute for a healthy diet and a regular exercise regimen, 4 Minute Abs is a great addition to a workout routine. It targets the abdominal muscles, strengthening and toning them for what eventually can become a six pack. It works if you are consistent and follow the exercises. Always consult a physician before starting a physically intense training program to ensure you are okay to move ahead with it.

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