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About 4Imprint.com

If you need a printing job done, no matter the size, 4Imprint.com is the perfect company to get it done. They provide customers with a variety of different products which you can print on. You send in your artwork and customize the product exactly how you like.

4Imprint.com guarantees you get the exact merchandise you want, exactly as you expected it. They have an refund policy for your peace of mind. There is even a policy in place ensuring you will receive your products the day you expect it or it is free. You can print your design in high quality on a variety of items such as apparel, stationary, and cups.


4imprint.com offers a large variety of different products. Whether you need promotional products for your company or items printed for your business they can do it. They print high quality, high-value products that are available in both a large and small quantity.

They have multiple categories of products including apparel, drinkware, stationary and technology products. They even have multiple products under one dollar cost or specific for business gifts. 


When it comes to apparel, they have all you may need for uniforms including; t-shirts, scrubs, hats, polo shirts and dress shirts. 4imprint also has specified apparel meant specifically for certain jobs such as food service or cleaning.

The company takes into consideration all of your possible needs, giving you fabric and fit options. Within t-shirts, for example, they offer a variety of options so you can get the exact look you are aiming for. Whether you want a long sleeve, cotton, athletic or basic shirt 4imprint can do it.

Drinkware and bags also offer you a variety of options. Within drinkware, you can find everything from water bottles to travel mugs or wine glasses. This is perfect for restaurants and pubs which need personalized drinkware containers.

These products can also be used as promotional items, to be given out to employees or customers. Bags you have the options to print your design on tote bags, laptop bags, plastic bags or even luggage.

The stationary category gives you options to print on all of your necessary stationery products. This includes notebooks, calendars, and even post-it notes. Technology has a wide variety of products ranging from earbuds and flash drives to PopSockets and speakers.

In the under one dollar category, you will find products such as pens, lanyards and even balloons. Whether you need a business card or a t-shirt printed, 4imprint.com offers you a variety of customizable options. This allows you to make your product exactly what you wanted.

How Does It Work?

4imprint's services and products can be customized and purchased online. The website is very easy to navigate. First, you pick your category and search through the catalog for the item you want to print on. After that, it will bring you to that product's page where you can customize the design that will be printed on it.

You will also be given a size chart to give you the perfect sizes as well as color options. If you want to be sure that you are getting exactly what you want, you can request a free sample to be sent.

Cost and Price Plans

4imprint.com has a variety of different products all at a pretty affordable price. With a category on their website specifically for products under one dollar, they recognize the company's needs for cheaper items. Within each type of item, there will be a variety of choices all at ranging price points.

Customer Service

Contacting 4imprint is beyond easy. Their company phone number is listed right on their front page. If you call them at 1-877-446-7746 during their office hours they guarantee that you will not have to wait longer than 60 seconds to get your help.

Their office hours during non-holiday days are from Monday-Friday from 7:00 am to 7:30 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to noon. If you are sending them your artwork to print on their products you can email them at [email protected]

If you any comments about their range of products you can reach them at [email protected] and leave feedback: [email protected] If you have any specific questions they do have a contact form for you to fill out.

They have guaranteed refunds available. If you order your products, expecting them for a certain date and they do not come, you will get refunded the cost completely. Your order will be free even if it is just a day late.

If your product is not exactly what you wanted, you can return it for a full refund and 4imprint will pay the shipping for you. They will work with you to make sure your order is exactly what you are expecting and hoping for.

You can also contact them directly if you need to opt out or unsubscribe from their mailing list.

Online Reviews/Complaints

The reviews online are very good. 4imprint.com has a lot of loyal fans and customers. People find the customer service to be excellent and very helpful. They also find the products to be of high quality and the apparel to be very comfortable.

They even have a 24-hour option for those who need the merchandise in a hurry. Customers love that they always get the exact product they want because they have a free sample option and a great return policy.

Competitors and Alternatives


Another great option available online is Promotique, which can be found at www.promotique.com/. With great promotional products and no minimum order, Promotique is a worthy competitor. Promotique offers extremely similar products to 4imprint.

Promotique does have some more costly apparel. You have the option of Nike and for stationery items, you can print on Moleskine products. All in all, Promotique offers very similar products to 4imprint with some higher end brands available.

Ink Head

If you are looking for a popular alternative for an online printing company, Inkhead is a great option. Available at www.inkhead.com/, they offer free rush production and art assistance.

Similar to Vistaprint, inkhead offers a variety of different products. They even offer EOS lip balms and watches. Inkhead likely offers the largest product range with the most varying price range.

Where to Buy?

4imprint’s products and services are available on their website at 4imprint.com.


4imprint is a great option if you looking for a company to meet all of your printing needs. While printing is pretty similar from company to company, what makes 4imprint unique is their customer service.

They are known for having incredible policies which ensure you get the exact product you are looking for. With a decently wide range of products, high-quality products and a team that cares about your satisfaction, 4imprint will not disappoint.


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