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Bad instruction, bad quality and rude customer support.
December 28, 2022

I ordered poster printing before, I made a data as their instructions show on the web site, but the printing quality was terrible.

Found out the format(or settings) they show doesn't work well.

I asked for a refund or to redo.

But they responded a week later, which was too late for the event I participated.

Because of their massive delay, I needed to order the same thing at a different store.

A customer support was rude too.

Not an honorable / trustworthy company.

Late Funeral Programs - no refund from 48HourPrint
November 11, 2022

We were trying to print funeral programs in October of 2022. We paid for expedited printing and delivery. They did not arrive on time for the funeral which created undue stress at a time that should have been focused on mourning. After requesting a refund for a week, we were not offered any compensation other than 20% off any future printing order. We had to run all over town locally the day of the memorial to PRINT new programs at a very high price due to the NOW RUSH order status. This took away time from our family where we could have been visiting with out of town family who came to mourn our loved ones passing.

Horrible company and even worse customer service. If you have anything that you value printing properly and in a timely fashion, stay far away from this money-grubbing, inconsiderate company.

48HourPrint Order #10190373

Total cost: $237.71

Reprinting of last minute RUSH programs at local printer: $300.00

Total cost: $537.71

Compensation from 48HourPrint: 20% off any FUTURE order

Never using again
September 29, 2022
Very disappointed. We are a nonprofit and our order was delivered 2 days late AND broken. We never got a refund. Poor quality and poor customer service.

48HourPrint does NOT care about their customers!
September 29, 2022

Worst customer service experience ever.

I ordered metallic thank you cards for my small business, and sent the design in promptly. I was instructed to make the areas to be metallic in a "cyan color." I did as instructed, and was as clear as possible that I was following the instructions for the cyan color to be where the gold metallic should go.

The cards arrived, and they were in cyan metallic.

Annoying, but luckily it wasn't an urgent order. I contacted their customer service about the issue and waited.

And emailed again. And waited.

And emailed again... And waited.

After a couple weeks I finally called them and was given the runaround, saying someone would call me.

Finally someone called, named Amber, and she admitted that she was wrong in confirming with the "design team" that cyan was the correct color. She admitted it was her fault, and I was just glad that 48HourPrint saw it that way.

She asked me to send her a proof of what the card should look like, and I did.

Then I was sent an invoice for the new order.

When I again contacted customer service about this I was ghosted AGAIN for weeks.

I continued to email with no response back.

Then I got on their online chat and when I explained the situation I was told my "request was denied" and they ended the chat while I was still typing.

So basically I spent over $500 on unusable cards because of their error which they refuse to fix.

Should have read the reviews first. Lesson learned.

TL;DR 48HourPrint admitted they made a mistake on my cards (making them unusable) yet refused to refund me or send me new ones (without me paying full price to get them). Customer service is horrendous.


Paid for 1 day turnaround and 2 days shipping - Received in 8 Days
June 1, 2022

Order #09569855

I received the very small box containing the stickers well after I left for our event early this morning at 8:00AM on 05/31/22.

The shipping label states USPS Parcel Select otherwise known as USPS Retail Ground

I weighed the box I received, enter both our zip codes and USPS created the shipping costs below:

USPS Retail Ground (The method you shipped) $10.85

Priority Mail 3-Day $11.75

Priority Mail Express 1-Day $46.30

I ordered on 5/24/22 at 7:00AM

Paid for one day processing and two day shipping. Both of these were additional costs. The two day shipping was $59.92

Ordered not shipped until 5/26/22 and this little box all 1# 10oz was shipped via the slowest USPS parcel select. Ensuring I wouldn't receive it on time and didn't receive until 5/31/22 some time in the afternoon after the event I ordered for.

You will find the order I placed below showing I paid $59.92 for 2 Day shipping. This would have more than paid for Priority Mail Express 1-Day shipping at $46.30 and still giving your company a profit of $13.62 on the shipping alone.

If this was done on Thursday by 8PM I would have received the box on Friday by 6PM

If this was done on Friday by 8PM I would have received the box on Saturday by 6PM

Not sure what happened?

Please refund my entire order to my credit card. If you would like I will show you the unopened box and the labels I had to print myself yesterday so I would have them for this event.

Project Name: Pinnacle Stickers

Item Number: #14881406

Category: Stickers

Shape: Square/Rectangle

Size: 2" x 2"

Material: White Vinyl Sticker

Coating: High Gloss UV

Printed Side: Front Only

Quantity: 1,000

Rounded Corners: No

Shrink Wrapping: None

Turnaround: 1 Business Day

Proofing: Proof Waived

2 Day Transit

Pinnacle Real Estate Marketing




Shipping & Handling:

Tax: $125.49




Order Total:

Total Paid: $157.36


From: Pinnacle Real Estate Marketing

Sent: Sunday, May 29, 2022 1:43 PM

Subject: FW: Job Order # 09569855

Hello Mark,

My order arrived at hub in Cape Coral at 6:00AM this morning.

I do not know where the hub is although it is not going to be delivered today Sunday or Tomorrow Monday and will not be delivered until Tuesday afternoon when my regular mail delivery occurs.

Why wouldn’t this be shipped UPS 2 Day Air or USPS Priority Mail or USPS Next Day Air or FedEx Express Delivery

So many ways to ship 100 sheets of paper. Instead you shipped it DHL on Thursday already one day late for one day processing as order was placed on Tuesday and should have shipped Wednesday.

Knowing that you are already one day behind in processing why send this package via DHL to USPS when I paid for 2 day shipping at $60

I am really disgusted by the entire process as I can order so many items on a Friday and have them delivered with 2 Day delivery and delivered on a Sunday.

The company has serious issues with logistics, processes and customer service with no concern with how important an order is especially when the order has one day processing and two days delivery paid for. That should have equated to three days at most. Instead I will receive this order at 8 days after placing the order.

Please cancel and refund my money. Unbelievable for a company that names themselves 48hourprint

Sent: Saturday, May 28, 2022 6:00 PM

To: Marc Weiskopf

Subject: Job Order # 09569855

Phone Support


Job Order # 09569855

Hi Marc,

Mark here, I do apologize, we are still trying to contact the courier regarding with this concern.

If ever the order didn't arrrive until the end of the day, please kindly contact us back immediately.

We will keep you posted regarding the status of the delivery.

Thank you.

48 Hour Print Customer Support

8000 Haskell Avenue

Van Nuys, CA 91406

P: 1-800-844-0599


©2022 48 Hour Print

8000 Haskell Ave. Van Nuys, CA 91406

False turnaround time
July 8, 2021
Did not turnaround and delivered 7 days after after promise time. It took and total of 14days to get make labs so I could not use because it was for a party.

Downhill, they used to be great. :(
February 13, 2021

I have used 48hourprint in the past with great results.

Not so much now.

I ordered a product, and did not get a proof, they just printed and sent it to me. BUT, they sent me a smaller size, CHANGED my artwork without permission, in size, perspective and dimension.

I have corresponded with them through email multiple times, and they keep saying things like, "you have waived the proof right after you uploaded your artwork" (Not True) and "As I check and performed investigation on your order, as much as I would love to help you in this kind of situation, I can say that the order we received was actually the order we processed and printed" (also not true)

The worst part is that in multiple emails (all from different workers) they parrot the same faulty information, which I have corrected in every email. Their "investigation" has failed at every turn to address what I witnessed and experienced.

They continually offer a 20% discount on a future order (why would I order from them if they won't send me what I ordered?) so "yea!" for that. (sarcasm intentional)

I have tried to resolve this issue with them directly, but they do not seem to be interested in being professional and taking responsibility for their mistakes.

I don't mind working with companies that make mistakes, if they work to resolve them appropriately. Everyone errs occasionally. What is needed is to make it right.

48hourprint will not make it right.

Very disorganized company
September 11, 2019
I couldn't pay by credit card, but then they charged me anyway and had the gall to ask me to dial in and pay manually, again! This is all with no print proof or email. When I called to get resolution, I got someone in India barely able to speak English. Save your frustrations and headaches and just go local.

April 18, 2019
excellent quality a very low cost! very happy!