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The service of "www.416-florist.com" is great!!!

April7, 2013

Last month I celebrated my wedding.When I was planning my wedding,I felt that I need some special kind of flowers to increase the value of my wedding.So I decided to use original flowers for my wedding,but the problem was "How can I find these flowers?". I and my wife decided to use an bouquet of exotic orchids for bride.We also decided to use red and white roses for decorating the hall.Finally my wife needed some small yellow roses for her hair style.So That was the plan.
I didn't know about any flower shop from where I could buy flowers I needed.Then I asked from all of my friends.So I could heard about "www.416-florist.com" from one of my friend.In the modern world,We can buy anything from internet.So I didn't had a doubt to deal with them.So with the reference of him I spent few hours to check that website.I was amazed with what I saw.There were lot of attractive and beautiful flowers. I could find all flowers I needed in that website.Bouquet of exotic orchids,red roses,white roses,small yellow roses all were there.I saw that all the flowers were brilliant and awesome.So that is the way I found this great website.
So I discussed with my wife and decided to order all the flowers from "www.416-florist.com". I needed to celebrate my wedding with high quality flowers,because high quality flowers can attract anyone..So I decided to upgrade my order to "Premium".
My order was delivered very quickly.I was estimated that I should wait about a week to receive my flowers,but I received all the flowers within five days!!!So I was very very happy about the quality of shipping.All the flowers I got were well covered with a protective plastic cover.So There were no any damage or dust on flowers.
So we celebrated my wedding last month.I think it was an unforgettable moment for all of us.It was very colorful.I should very thankful to "www.416-florist.com". The flowers I got were great.That flowers could get the attraction of all the guests.My wife looked like an angel.The flowers she used to her hair,increased the beauty of her very much.So I do not have words to thank "www.416-florist.com".
If I tell something about the quality of the flowers,That flowers were very beautiful and attractive.They were also fresh and very colorful.So I am saying that the quality of 416-florist's products is very high because I got very quality flowers.
If I tell something about their customer service, It was very quick and friendly.I contacted them before placing my order.They helped me to solve all my questions in a friendly manner.After two days I placed my order contacted them again,because I needed to know If they shipped my order.They respond me very quickly and said me that my order was shipped.So I was very very happy about their customer support.
Now I am saying that 416-florist's flowers beautify my wedding very much.So I am recommending them very highly.All the services can be rated with 5 stars.

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