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June6, 2019

Avoid 3dcart at all costs. No partial refund though told it could be done if they did not work, called many times about no access to site, hung up un, transferred, put on hold for hours, Really not making it up And very unhelpful support from both customer service and billing as well

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John Trzibek

Excellent Piece of E Commerce Software

September20, 2012

3dcart is quite interesting. Some slow examination yields interesting observations about it. The first thing that stands out is just how polished and clean the interface is. It is obvious that the design work had a great deal of thought put into it. The next thing that draws attention would have to be the reasonable pricing. Past that, it is really all about the incredibly competitive set of features that are offered. These features can be compared against things like CoreCommerce and BigCommerce. With full support for the template, string editors for changing underlying text, and social and mobile store configurations, this cart is decked out.

3dcart offers a fantastic template system that can easily be customized and updated. There is also a great blog that is built right into the program. This does an amazing job of allowing users to post their interesting updates and news.

The best part of 3dcart is that it offers such simple templates that make it very easy for the users to customize the feel and look of the interface. The second best part would have to be the incredible style editor that makes it possible for people to change colors, sizes, types, and text elements that are displayed in the cart. This is an excellent feature that should appeal to store owners who possess a little bit of experience with using a computer.

The built-in program support for affiliates is extremely useful for people who would like to test out the affiliate program before investing time into operating a full-on affiliate program.

The features of 3dcart include all sorts of interesting and useful things. Users are offered the ability of defining pricing groups. They can easily offer support to their customers with the CRM system. There are wish lists and reward points. Drop shipping is supported, and the distributor manager makes it easy to use multiple warehouses. There is even an ability to post updates on various social media sites, including Twitter and Facebook, from the backend of the cart.

The examination of 3dcart has proven that this is one of the best carts on the market. It is easy to use. It is loaded with features and benefits. It is easy to customize and integrate with social media marketing campaigns. There really isn't much that is left to be desired from this program. Anyone who needs a cart should check out 3dcart.

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