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As helpful as it is annoying

Reviewed By Jimmy on April 12, 2016

There's no doubt that 360 Security will clean up your phone and help keep it safe. If you accidentally stumble into a questionable website or download something potentially harmful to your device, 360 is right there to warn you and escort you to safety. And if your device gets sluggish, 360 will wipe clean all of the so-called "phone junk," usually in the form of app caches.

The advertising, however, is a different story. Everything you do results in an advertisement. Set up a lock screen? Advertisement. Do a quick boost? Advertisement. Clean up your phone, do a virus scan, boost game speed? Advertisement. Advertisement. Advertisement.

There are also a few extra features, like their battery saver, that end up being much more obnoxious than convenient. And these services are all but shoved down your throat while you use the app (or use your device at all, since it's always running to monitor activity and sniff out security threats).

Should you download 360 Security? Yes. It will help your device in many ways. But prepare to be persuaded into buying something with almost every use.

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