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About 3 Questions Get The Girl

3 Questions Get The Girl is a website for The Pandora’s Box System, a dating advice program which claims to have discovered a “loophole” in the female mind which will allow any man to read a woman’s thoughts.

The website claims that this guide is backed by scientific research which is used by nineteen major corporations, including the US Army, and has been used by creator Vin Dicarlo of Dicarlo Coaching on more than 1,000 women.

According to The Pandora’s Box System, there are eight different types of women and figuring out what kind of woman you are dealing with at any time is the key to not only getting a phone number or a date, but even getting a girlfriend and maintaining a healthy relationship.

In order to figure out which of the eight types of women you are dealing with, all you need to do is ask her a specific set of three questions. The answers she gives to these questions can tell you what kind of woman she is in less than sixty seconds, with 95% accuracy.

It makes sense for people to wonder whether or not this system and its claims are fake. For those who want to judge for themselves “Does it work?” the website says there is a 14 day risk free trial in which you can test out the materials for yourself.

The Pandora’s Box System consists of ten videos which total more than four hours, with ten accompanying PDF guides, a full version of the profiler quiz, the strategy guide of how to get each type of woman, a 14 day trial of Pandora’s PhD which has advanced strategies, and more.

To purchase this system you must pay an initial price of $69.95, but there is also a monthly subscription fee of $99.80 per month for as long as you need access to the entire system.

You can cancel this subscription whenever you choose and continue to use the materials until the end of your current billing cycle, but to ensure that you are not charged for another 30 days membership, you must cancel five days before your billing date.

If you have any experience with this program, please leave your Pandora’s Box System reviews below.

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i did not use it but like the idea!

November15, 2016

I did not buy into this product, but I really like the idea and the website looks pretty interesting!
I recommend checking it out :)

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