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2Insure4Less is a website which claims to provide visitors with the ability to fill out one easy form for the type of insurance of their choice, and then receive multiple insurance quotes for free.

If you are searching for auto insurance, health insurance, business insurance, home insurance, or life insurance, the website says they can help you compare multiple quotes so that you can determine how to get the best coverage for you at the best price.

First you must select the type of insurance that are interested in, enter your zip code, and take 5 minutes to fill out a short form which gives the basic informer an insurance provider will need to offer you an estimate.

After you have submitted your information, the website says you will be matched with an average of three to five insurance agents in your local area, and many times these agents will be representing some of the most well known and respected insurance companies in the nation.

After you have been contacted by the agents, you can then compare the quotes you have received to determine which one best meets your needs and fits your budget. There is no obligation to sign up with any agent if you are not happy with your quotes.

2Insure4Less promises that their services are completely legit – they do not represent any insurer nor do they sell any insurance, so they claim the results you receive from their service are unbiased.

When you submit the insurance form, you should know that you are agreeing to release your information to up to 8 different agents who have permission to contact you with quotes and special offers.

Those who have complaints or concerns about spam should consider the contact information you provide on the form, and remember that you can tell telemarketers to no longer contact you and you should be able to unsubscribe from all email communication.

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