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About 247Playz.com

247Playz.com is a new website and streaming service which says their goal is to simply bring their customers in the best of entertainment in music, movies, and gaming, with regular updates.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, 247Playz.com claims that they are the only subscription service that their customers will ever need, no matter what kind of entertainment they are looking for. 

247Playz.com says it was designed to be a premium destination for movies, music, and games, with millions of different options in each category and with each category being updated with new options on a weekly basis. 

Their website says that their service can be accessed by smartphones, tablets, computers, and e-readers, as well as most HDTVs, gaming consoles, and Blu-ray players. Customers are also welcome to download products and enjoy them while offline. 

Cost/Price Plans

All customers who are interested in their paid subscription service will receive a five day free trial to begin with, and then will begin paying for their regular subscription. 

Their month-to-month subscription is priced at $34.95 per month, while their 3 Month Plan is priced at $16.95 per month. This company also always provides customers with the option to pay for their products a la carte, without the need for a subscription.

Refund Policy

Their website says that members who have either one month or three month premium memberships are welcome to cancel their subscription at any time during the first 30 days of their membership in order to receive a complete refund of their membership price. 

The website is clear, however, that no refunds will be issued after the first 30 days of service have gone by, and customers who chose to take advantage of the five day free trial and were then charged for monthly service will not be eligible for refunds at any time.  

They do say that are required to provide a 14 day window for a refund for customers that order individual products, but customers will need to put their request for a refund and their reason in writing and submit before the 14 day period has expired in order to be considered. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 866-616-1619 or by email at [email protected] 


Unfortunately this company does not have many customer reviews available at this time, and this makes it difficult for prospective customers to know whether or not this service is the right one for their needs. 

The reality of 247Playz.com, however, is that it is linked to a variety of other websites, all of which do have poor reviews and a history of very unhappy customers. Complaints include many issues with unethical billing practices and quality of products. 

Another issue with this company is that all their websites are registered in Cyprus, which is a notoriously common tactic of companies that are hoping to avoid any kind of prosecution by US law enforcement, as the Cyprus government doesn’t generally comply with foreign investigations. 

For all these reasons, customers will be much better off avoiding this service and going with a well-known, better established music streaming service instead. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many, many other streaming services available for games, music, and movies that customers looking for alternatives to this company will have no trouble finding an option that best meets their needs.     

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your 247Playz.com reviews below.

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Lie about no cost to get a membership

November20, 2018

I was lied too, I was told that I was going to have a free life time membership and that you needed my credit card to verify that I was in canada. then you charged me $1.36 and told me I only had 5 Days premium and then you were going to start charging me for the service. I was miss lead and so now I have cancelled my subscription and would like my $1.36 back.

Richard Patterson

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