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About 1Tac Tactical Pen

The 1Tac company makes uniquely designed 1tac tactical pen which is ideal for the fast-paced corporate world and at the same times can be used to save the lives of its owners.


1Tac Tactical Pen

The tactical pen has a weight of 1.23 oz. and a length of 5.90 inches. It has many effective & efficient properties that make writing simple and helpful to have. The pen is made of a Tungsten Steel, glass break tip, a removable steel blade, all-weather medium point ballpoint pen and an integrated 80-lumen bright LED flashlight.

Its rugged matte black finish is similar to aircraft-grade aluminum, giving it a polished, professional look. The anodized matte finish features a diamond-cut non-slip grip diamond threaded, non-slip handle to combat impact force. With this firm grip, you can ensure a secure grip in any dangerous situation without the pen slipping off the palm of your hands.

The Forged Tungsten glass breaker tip is incredibly strong and can shatter glass easily. With the ballpoint ink cartridge, you can write easily in nearly all weather conditions without the worry of the weather affecting your writing, especially in rainy seasons.

The pen also has an ultra-bright LED light of 80 Lumens LED with an easy on/off button which gives it a lamp life of up to 100,000 hours. You do not have to worry about your safety with the extra razor-sharp stainless steel blade.

The pocket clip is strong and durable and doesn’t break easily keeping the pen secured at all times. There is also a pocket clip for use as cap light that you can use for lighting.

When you buy the pen, you also get one ballpoint pen refill and two sets of batteries to last you for a while before refill.

How Does It Work?

Visit the official 1Tac.com website and select the number of pens that you want to buy, whether one, two, three or more. You will then be asked to fill in your billing information which includes your full names, phone number, email address and location. The location is where the package will be shipped.

You will then have various payment options to choose from, after which once you’ve made the payment, your order will be shipped. When you buy 1 tac tactical pen you are eligible for free shipping via UPS.

There are two shipping methods, expedited shipping, and standard free shipping. When you choose standard free shipping your order will be shipped in 5-7 business days via UPS. A tracking number will also be issued to your email for follow up.

For fast delivery, you can choose the expedited shipping for only $9.99 where all items in your order will be processed ASAP (within 24 hours).

Cost and Price Plans

The pens are available at different prices depending on the number of pens that you order. Currently, there is an ongoing Black Friday offer of Black Friday Bundles - 75% off. In the offer, you can either buy 5 tactical pens at a total of $160.00 each retailing at $32.00, 3 tactical pens at a total of $105.00, each at the cost of $35.00.

There is also an option to buy 2 tactical pens at a total of $75.00 total each at the cost of $37.50, 10 Tactical Pens, a total of $300.00 each at $30.00 or you can buy 1 tactical pen at $39.99, the cost all depends on your preference.

Make your order and get $50 in reward dollars. You will also save 75-90% + $50 shopping credit. The company has a 30-day money back guarantee.

Customer Service

Get in touch with the 1Tac customer service team through (855) 731-6835. In the event that you are not happy with your TacPen or it’s not in good condition, they will refund you the money.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Many customers were happy with the sleek design and protection offered by the 1tac tactical pen. The pen is versatile and can be used for various purposes such as military use, security, hiking, hunting, camping, fishing, and also road safety. You do not have to carry a gun, a knife or any weapon for safety nor do you need to spend money on martial arts training.

Whenever you encounter any danger, the pen is a great tool to use to save your life. The pen is also a perfect gift for a birthday, holiday or groomsmen. The elegant design makes it stand out in the professional fields and the materials used also make it a durable asset.

Competitors and Alternatives

You can get similar products which include the stainless celcius tactical pen (military grade) from Celcius Technology, the Smith Wesson military police tactical pen, or the tactical pen 31-001880 from Gerber Gear.

The stainless celcius tactical pen Model CTP-01-Mil-S is a military grade pen with an extendable barrel.

Gerbergear have a Rugged, machined steel body pen with an integrated glass-breaker tip while Smith Wesson has a military police tactical pen with CNC Machined Silver T6061 Aircraft aluminum and a P900M Parker style black ballpoint ink cartridge.

Where to Buy?

Visit the official 1Tac website and select the number of pens that you want to buy. You will then follow the directions on how to proceed with making your order purchase.


The pen offers you a smart way to write and at the same time provides you with the safety and convenience that you need. With issues to do with safety precautions, this pen is the best option. It can turn from a stylish pen into a great defensive tool that can lower your risk of attack. You only need to search for targets and opportunities on your assailant, strike hard and fast.

You can defend yourself from your assailant and touch on various body parts such as the throat. Chest, ribs, groin, thigh, eyes, ear, nose, armpit among others. Apply multiple attacks and strike severally on these parts to save yourself from harm.

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