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Kathryn Stewart McDonald

Bait and Switch

March30, 2012

I am experienced ordering perfumes online. IstPerfume.com is completely out of this world. Imagine buying a 300 room casino and hotel in Afganistan for only 200.00 - this is the best analogy I can make for 1stPerfume,com. Their website offered a perfume I wanted to buy before Christmas for an elderly aunt who is terminally ilI saw it on the company website. The perfume Carolina Hererra's 212 on Ice, in a blue glass cube bottle was available. I telephoned Customer Service and dropped in a photo of the scent from their web page to be certain they would not substitute another fragrance. First I was overcharged for the bottle then I received the wrong fragrance. I telephoned Customer Service, directed them to the image on the page which illustrated availability of the product. The Customer Service Rep told me he didn't see the product, he said it did not exist then he backtracked and said the order was filled with the one and only perfume ever made by the manufatcturer. He gave me a return address different from that on the website. I wrote via the drop in web page and attempted to call over the next four days, more than once a day to confirm the address given to me. I finally reached someone on day 7 of the 8 day return policy who told me that it didn't matter when my perfume return was postmarked it had to be in their office within 8 days of purchase. This was at Christmas, it seemed very unreasonable. I asked if they company would send a UPS PickUp even offering to have the pickup fee and shipping deducted from the amount of the perfume. I offered to apply the balance on another cologne i like. 1stPerfume.com refused. To add insult to injury in reply to my comment my aunt was very ill and it might be her last Christmas 1stPerfume.com sales reps said, "So what, spray it in her casket she will never know the difference. " I am outraged.

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