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About 1Dental.com

1Dental.com is a website which claims to be committed to making long term and immediate dental health accessible and affordable by providing quality discount and insurance plans.

According to their website, 1Dental has worked with over 8 million members since 1979 for the purpose of providing people with discount dental plans, so that people without access to work sponsored plans can still maintain dental care.

This website works together with Careington International and other dental insurance providers to offer dental plans for thousands of agents, affiliates, and new members at some of the lowest possible annual prices, as long as you choose and utilize a dentist that falls within the network of the plan you purchase.

When searching for a plan on this website, you can find plans beginning at $75.06, or just $6 a month, as well as having the ability to search the applicable dental fees for each plan before you choose one.

This means that regardless of what your dentist generally charges for procedures, you can see in advance what you will be charged for cleanings, root canals, or any other procedure in advance of actually scheduling them.

You can compare your local dental plans side-by-side before you make a final choice, and if you are unsatisfied with your plan or have complaints about it within 30 days of your purchase, you can request a refund of your policy.

As an added bonus, members who sign up for and maintain dental plans also have the option to add a basic vision plan for free, which includes eye exams as well as discounts on select eyewear.

You can also opt to add a prescription plan to your policy for a minimum of an additional $1.00 each month, which will give you the ability to purchase discounted prescriptions at some of the largest, best recognized pharmacies in the nation.

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