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About 1and1.com

1and1 is a web hosting company, servicing both personal and business websites. With the significant number of products and services they offer you can create a site without having any previous programming or design experience. There are many design options, applications and functions enabling you to maximize your site’s potential.

With the number of plans to choose from, there is something to meet everyone’s budget and needs. By signing up for a hosting plan, you may register a new domain or transfer an existing domain to them for no additional charge. In addition to designing a site, they have a local listing service, email exchange program, smart phone applications, dynamic cloud server and other server backup products, as well as ecommerce tools.

1and1 has attempted to make their control panel as user-friendly as possible so anyone can figure out how manage their accounts and even add applications. There is a wealth of information within their online resource guide; it entails step-by-step directions to help you build your site. For other help, you have access to their free customer support 24/7. An online forum is also available to communicate with other customers for assistance.

Although some of their products and services are non-refundable, the ones that are refundable have a 90 day money back guarantee. Payments to 1and1 must be made with credit card or PayPal account; the charges are set up on auto pay and charged monthly. They will automatically add charges for new services and features to the bill. To receive the discounted prices listed on their site you must sign up for a one year contract. Once the year is up, prices will increase to their regular rates, approximately 3 times the amount of the first year’s monthly rates.

The packages purchased on their site may be upgraded at any time. The amount of bandwidth is typically one of the products that often need to be upgraded. It might actually be in your best interest to start with more bandwidth from the get go. This increases the speed at which customers and visitors can load and view your site.

If you have customers making purchases through your site, you will also want to purchase their GeoTrust Dedicated SSL Certificate. With e-commerce, it is important to have a SSL certificate so your customers feel secure providing payment through your site.

Reviews can be found online that describes 1and1’s customer support, services, and billing system. The customer support has been noted to neglect the needs of their customers. Many of their customers have had hours, and even days, where their site was down.

Based on information found in the Better Business Bureau files, 1and1 has had many complaints regarding the difficulty they encountered trying to cancel domain hosting services. Some consumers allege they were billed for services that were never ordered. There isn’t anyone available in their customer service department to assist them nor is there anyone who can correct the billing errors, process refunds or issue credits.

1and1 has responded to and resolved most of the complaints but they have not fixed the factors contributing to the issues. The Better Business Bureau has given 1and1 a C because 927 complaints have been filed in the last three years and 346 complaints have been closed in the last year. With this data, the decision to use or not to use 1and1, as a web hosting service, should be clear.

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1 and a 1 Scam

May25, 2018

The biggest spam on the internet ever.

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1 Review


April13, 2017

Everyone need to avoid 1and1. It really scam.
12-3-2017 I pay 1 ast hosting at 1&1. but this hosting does work correctly, many my module can not run at this . it took me lost around 2 week to debug and there was nothing wrong.
finally, I tried with other hosting, It completely work correct. It means I wasted time for a worthless.
Then i took a mail to cancel my plan and get refund back.
Certainly at this time my account is still active
On 4-4-2017 I received an email notify my request is accepted and they will refund back in 5-7 days.
"Dear Luch Kage (Customer ID: 523077071),
Thank you for contacting us.

This e-mail serves as confirmation of the successful cancellation of your US Unlimited WIN BC+MCT 12M (07/2016) Package (Contract 64264943) as of 03-04-2017.

We will deactivate all package features on this date, as well we have refunded invoice 202016573536 in the amount of $11.88, please allow 5-7 business days for refund to process.

The following domains/features are included in your package and will be cancelled:

- sofhd.com - The domain's registration will terminate early on 03-04-2017 and after ~30 days, be released to the public for re-registration.

If you still need further assistance, I would suggest that you contact us by phone at 1-866-258-5616 so that we can help you with a solution much quicker than via e-mail. Alternatively, we could try to contact you at a time that’s convenient, by submitting a call back request using the link below:


Customer Relations
1&1 Internet Inc."
After 10 days passed it did no happen
i took an support email again. i got a reply.
my account is deactivated by security issues and 1and they will not refund money back.
It is like a funy.
"guarantee 30 days refund back with any reason" is what 1and1 said.
and "guarantee use any reason to not refund" is what i talk about 1and1.
after it happened, i searched on google. The result is returned is scam scam so many scam.
I was too fool when without google before.
And i learned that there are many people want to do a class lawsuit.
I decide join with them.
If you also have the similar. Let's join with them.

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Worst & Horrible = 1and1.com

August14, 2012

Horrible service. Never ever go for 1and1 for domain services, even if they give free/money for buying their domain.

I bought a domain from them 10 months, then I wanted to transfer it to another domain registrar and I unlocked my domain for that. They unlocked my domain from their side and told me that the domain was unlocked, so they couldn’t do the transfer!!!

Unprofessional support. Someone from support says, “It is transferred already” and some other says “you have to re-initiate the transfer again”. Seems, they don’t have enough know-how about the procedures. Sure, they are answering your support calls from some out-sourcing companies in Philippians or some Asian countries. They don’t have much privilege to do anything for you. They can maximum escalate your call to a higher level. That’s it. So, don’t expect any miracles from support team.

After 6th day, I have re-initiated the domain transfer request again. So far they didn’t do the transfer. It’s the 8th day, I have been asking for release.

There are many cursing/experiences against 1and1 over in webpages/reviews from many users. Please give a read all those review and decide to buy anything from 1and1.

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