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Sometimes, buying a new car can be a real hassle. Looking up all the prices, comparing them, and getting to a final choice can be a tough job. If you live in the USA and need to buy a new car, have you heard about 1800carshow?

1800carshow specializes in car shopping and potential users who live in Detroit will love that it is based there.


1800carshow isn’t going to offer you any products. Of course, you can buy your new shiny car using the website but you can’t buy anything from them. Instead, their “product” is the information about the cheapest cars in your area.

On their introductory page at the website, you have everything you need. Scrolling down will allow you to see the featured new cars at an affordable price.

On top of that, 1800carshow aims to find the right car to suit your needs, as well as the lowest price and the best dealer. You don’t have to worry about negotiating with the dealer and going through all the mundane processes before you get your hands on the steering wheel of your dream car.

Instead, this website does it all for you. Basically, you’ll need only the internet and a device to access it. That’s all – simple as that!

How Does it Work?

First of all, it's important to mention just how easy it is to navigate and use. On the homepage of the website, scroll a little and you'll see several blank fields to fill in.

The first two are regarding the vehicle make and model. Thanks to the generous amount of cars to choose from on their website, you can choose almost every manufacturer out there, even the luxurious ones like Bentley, Aston Martin, etc. The model is where you select the corresponding model of a car. For example, it can be a Honda Accord.

Just underneath that, you’ll need to fill the contact info. Your name, your last name, mobile phone, email, and zip code. After you click on the ‘Get Best Prices’ button, wait for a moment and you’ll see the best offers and dealers.

Alternatively, you can narrow down your search if you set the filter to seek for particular body types. Right now, 1800carshow offers almost a million new cars to buy.

Cost and Price Plans

The best thing about 1800carshow is that it’s completely free. With this amount of useful services and generous car offers, it’s quite impressive how they run.

Of course, they probably make some money by working with the dealers around the world. But the cost to you as a user of the website is zero.

Customer Service

The highlight of this company is definitely their customer service. After all, their primary job is to talk to clients, which is why this company has a long history of quality customer service.

Right from the get-go, you’ll see a number for free shopping support which you can call or even let the 1800carshow call you. Their (800) 227-7469 number is available for customers and if you want them to call you, simply give them your name, last name, mobile number, and zip code.

Alternatively, there is a special blog section on the website where you can learn more about cars for different types of people. It’s a comprehensive blog section and is updated relatively frequently.

Online Reviews/Complaints

1800carshow stands pretty well when it comes to online reviews. While some users praised its ease of use and very fast response from the company, some complaints told the opposite story.

Some users also reported a very bad call quality and some just didn't manage to find the car of their liking. All in all, the positive reviews appear much more often than the negative ones. This tells us that 1800carshow is a valid company and not a scam.

Competitors and Alternatives

The competition for online car databases is fierce,  here are some other popular websites to consider.

Carvana.com is the newest option in this niche and promise a unique experience that lets users shop for a vehicle without ever having to step foot in a dealership.

Another pioneering web portal is TrueCar, one of the first startups to offer transparent pricing on vehicle purchases.

Finally you have more traditional car databases such as Cars.com and AutoTrader.com.

Where to Buy?

As we said, the company is based in Detroit. Since their services are offered to you for free, getting the services by calling the customer service number is the best way to go. Buying a new car isn’t limited to a certain location and can be done wherever the company finds the best dealer.


For those who live in Detroit, 1800carshow is like the icing on the cake. Their services are free and they almost always find the right car for you. Given that you can contact them directly, it’s even easier to find the dealer and buy the car in a short period of time. That being said, 1800carshow is definitely a really good place to find your next great deal!

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