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About 123Stores.com

123Stores.com is a website that describes themselves as “The Online Mega Store,” an online retailer that will always provide their customers with “the top brands at the most affordable prices.”   

How Does It Work?

According to their website, the goal of 123Stores.com is to be a one stop destination for all your online shopping, which is why they include a large range of products in “hundreds of categories” – so their customers know that all their needs will be covered.

This company operates like any other online retailer, giving customers the ability to look through their current inventory either by using their website’s search tool, if you have a specific product or item in mind, or you can look through their categories, including Home, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Electronics, Furniture, Sports & Fitness, Kid & Toys, Travel & Outdoors, Musical Instruments, Brands, and DEALS. 

Cost/Price Plans

Since this company has such a large number of products that they sell and distribute at any one time – quoting more than 100,000 products – there is no real way to quote a set or static price range for the products you will find on 123Stores.com. That being said, the company does promise free shipping anywhere within the continental United States and a Lowest Price Guarantee. 


This Lowest Price Guarantee states that they have the ability to offer the lowest price on all products, and that they will match any competitor’s advertised price. Unfortunately they do not provide any further details than this, either on their website or in their Terms and Conditions, so customers who are interested in this policy will need to contact Customer Service.  

Refund Policy

The website states that most new and unused items are welcome to be returned within 30 days of their delivery for a refund. The products are required to be unused and in the original box and packaging.

If you are returning an order due to “Buyer’s Remorse,” which they qualify as any reason other than an issue that is a result of their error, or a damaged or defective product, then you will be charged a 15% restocking or cancellation fee. 

All returns must be accompanied by a Return Merchandise Authorization Number, and products must be returned within 7 days of receiving your authorization. If you are returning a product due to damage, defect, or manufacturer’s error, then the Customer Service team will provide you with a pre-paid shipping label. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to speak with Customer Service about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 646-798-4732, by email at [email protected], or by submitting them directly to their website using their Contact Us link.


At this time there are very few reviews available for this store, but those few which have been written do appear to be mostly positive. Customers seem to like the very things this store promises – good prices and a large selection of items. 

That being said, the vagueness of their Lowest Price Guarantee and the strict parameters and fees associated with their Refund Policy may cause customers to think twice before using this website with confidence. Because of this, new customers may want to begin using this website by purchasing only smaller scale, affordable items to try their service for themselves.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different online retailers promising the best prices all over the internet; it just depends on the items you are looking for. Though this company promises to be a one stop shop, customers should generally find websites that specialize in the specific products you need so they can feel confident in the purchases they are making.     

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your 123Stores.com reviews below.

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[email protected]
September 29, 2018

In October 2015, I purchased an item that was later found to be falsely advertised and received a electric burner instead. I immediately contacted the company who chose not to honor their mistake and referred me directly back to Best Buy. This is when the games began!

Do not buy from this company!
March 30, 2018
I was shipped wrong items and was told that I would have to pay shipping returns and restocking fees!!! I filed a BBB complaint against them. My next step will be Friday charges and a lawsuit if they do not refund my money without any fees. This was their error! It was the wrong product and never used!

Please avoid!
April 28, 2017
People stay away from this retailer!! Whatever you decide to order you are stuck with if you do not like it, if it does not fit or if is damage! The scam is in returning the item back! Once you buy from them if you want to return it for any reason you will have to pay for shipping plus a restocking fee of 15%. In my case I purchased an office chair and after I assembled it the chair did not met my expectations, it was hard as a rock and the quality terrible! They called that buyers remorse??? I paid $190.00. In order to return it I will have to shell out $90.00 for shipping plus $30 for restocking fee! Guess I'm stuck with this chair! I have purchased many items online from various places and they always paid for the shipping back, not this time!! Just do yourself a favor and if buying online stick with a retailer that understands that buying things online is not the same as going to a brick and mortar where you can sit and try the item before you make a purchase! Update your policy 123stores inc! I for one will not be making any purchases from this site any longer, lesson learned!

Joy S March 30, 2018

My problem with this company is they sent the wrong product, which was their error, but they are refusing to send a return label and they want me to pay the 15 percent re-stocking fee for something I did not order! I have already contacted the BBB and filed a complaint. If I am not issued a full refund I will be filing fraud charges and possibly a lawsuit against them.

Do not buy from this company
January 12, 2016
Bought a drone for christmas i've was really busy so i waited a couple weeks to open it come to find out that the drone was previously used and put back in the box with a scratch and everything you can tell it was used because of the blade stickers were pulled off and put back on with fuzz on them paid 699.99 for a drone you could atleast ship a brand new one not one thats been used! Tried to contact customer service just to get a big run around and now I'm stuck with a used drone that i could have bought off ebay for 200.00 cheaper!! BUYER BEWARE!!

December 30, 2015

In October 2015, I purchased an item that was later found to be falsely advertised and received a electric burner instead. I immediately contacted the company who chose not to honor their mistake and referred me directly back to Best Buy. This is when the games began!

From October to December 28, 2015, I have made numerous calls to 123Stores, Best Buy, BBB, Attorney General to resolve my refund, as the items have been confirmed to have been received and returned.

After two months of not receiving my refund, in contact with 123Stores again, they indicated they did send my refund (which was $7 short) and there was nothing they can do about me not receiving it. The next few hours of calls between Best Buy, and 123Stores even had Best Buy frustrated as there was no resolution. Best Buy unfortunately does not control the MarketPlace and 123Stores kept pointing the finger at Best Buy.

I refer my representative to the contract department as the contract with 123Stores should be reviewed and discontinued. They agreed. Whether that happens or not, who will know, but this company is HORRIBLE!!!

Best Buy finally refunded me my full amount out of their own funds and I have STILL not received the refund supposedly sent by 123Stores!!