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ZoomBucks is a rewards company located online at ZoomBucks.com, which says that their members can earn points from performing their regular, everyday online activities, which can then be exchanged into rewards.

Rewards sites like ZoomBucks and Swagbucks have risen in popularity over the last few years because of their promise to “pay” or reward their members for doing “nothing” – or rather, for doing whatever it is they normally do online.

These activities include shopping online – where you’ll occasionally get special promotional or discount codes for certain stores – or participating in their ZDaily section, which will provide you with articles having to do with horoscopes, news, sports, and health.

You’ll also be set up with “ZoomSearch” which is the engine you’ll use for performing online searches. You will be rewarded with a random number of ZoomBucks for each search you perform.

ZoomBucks will also give you a variety of extra activities you can choose to perform, like taking daily surveys whose information will be given to market research companies, or a selection of tasks, like answering simple questions. You can also watch videos with embedded codes – when you finish the video and input the code, you will earn ZoomBucks.

Membership with this website also gives you the ability to get free promotional deals that they release to their customers through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Registering for this website is completely free and they promise that you can get started earning within just seconds of completing registration. You can also choose to upgrade to a paid, VIP subscription, but people who are considering that option should remember that no subscription fees can be refunded.

Customers who have difficulty with either their activities or tracking their rewards must contact ZoomBucks directly and bring it to their attention. They do not have a published phone number, but they do give you the ability to submit tickets online.

If you have any experience with this product, please leave your ZoomBucks reviews below.

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3 ‘ZoomBucks’ Reviews
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Reviewed By Mathijs Pluijmen on April 15, 2015, Tampere, Finland

I don't like this site and there are several reasons why not.
There are quite some offers that direct me to a link that my virus program blocks ( I use McAfee ). One time I downloaded a game app and instead of getting the app I got the iStartSurf-virus (ok, technically it's not a virus, but very annoying once you got it in your computer). Then it happened frequently that I just didn't get awards. (often with games, but also with offers). I don't like the idea that there's nowhere contact info.
There is this cool task-program called CrowdFlower, that's the only nice feature in Zoombucks. BUT, ... you can also use CrowdFlower with Neobux.com or clixsense.com, and then you earn more, because the amount you earn depends on which site you use with CrowdFlower!
I also find some things just unfair, like the rewards I can win with listening to the radio. US members can get 3 ZoomBucks after 30 minutes of listening. I live in Finland, and after 30 minutes of listening I can only get 0,02 Zoombucks. I understand that due to demographics I might not have the same earning opportunities as US citizens, but I think that's a little bit too extreme, only 0,02 ZoomBucks for 30 minutes of listening to this radio. Today I requested my first 5$, and I just hope I get that without any trouble. There are better sites, and after I actually received my cash, I plan to move on...

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Reviewed By David DeLosh on October 7, 2014

I have used zoombucks for 2 months cashed in my first gift card and was not paid. put in a support ticket but do not expect to ever here from them been 6 weeks since i cashed in a $3.00 Amazon card

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Reviewed By paul on February 9, 2014

I have been using Zoombucks now for about 3 months. I don't really utilize the site for all its worth? but I do a few surveys each week and also my favorite is watching videos. The cashout level is 5000 zoom points which is $5 cash or gift card equiv. The payments take a little longer then some of the other sites I belong to, typically 10 days? but I have cashed out about $50 in the last 2-3 months so no complaints. The management has always responded to issues rather quickly which is always a big vote of confidence. I should start pushing harder to see what else it has to offer but its very similar to Swagbucks which consumes a lot of my time : )


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September 14, 2014

Any problems with credits.

October 27, 2014

500 ZB = $5 :P

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