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Reviewed By ORLANDO on November 25, 2014


The site Anastasia Date is a real shame ....
The girls appearing in photographs often do not correspond to reality and we men think we are talking to them and we are talking to a computer, watching her photos.
Other times, the girls when they are to be online on chats try to convince men to get hours and hours on chat rooms because they receive a commission or percentage ...
More, the girls will say they want to have a meeting live in her country but the hour or inevitable happens, the mother or the child get sick, die cat, dog also .... and other times not say anything and do not appear when a person lands in her country ...
Other times, then the second or third chat, girls begin to ask for money to pay the rent, to treat the child, want iPhone, want to perfumes or flowers through the site, etc ....
This is pure emotional prostitution ... This is true SCAM !!!

RUN AWAY OF THIS SITE to avoid losing your money and your time....


When we complained to the service to consumers service, always give reason to the Ladies,,,obviously .... and seems to still enjoy with people
They all act in concert and together to fraud men who are vulnerable in their feelings.

A shame !!!

For my part, I will denounce this disgraceful situation to the last instance.

If you want you can read this article of the British newspapper The Guardian

Later I will send my evidences...

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Reviewed By gmd on November 12, 2014

THIS SITE IS A COMPLETE FRAUD. ONLY 7.25% OF THEIR PROFILES ARE WOMEN WHO CANNOT BE PROVEN TO BE PROFESSIONAL DATERS. Their anti scam policy is a fraud in itself. Scammed customers are asked to provide unreasonable levels of proof or their complaints rejected. Those customers who have evidence are barred from the site for alleged breach of AnastasiaFRAUDs terms of service. Anastasia then issue protocols to the mafia run agencies in Ukraine so that girls cannot be found out in the same way again. They use evidence submitted to customers to cover up their fraud.

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A worthy website in my opinion

Reviewed By Big Kevin on June 24, 2014, London

I met my Olga on Anastasiadate website last January. After reading Olga’s profile I almost thought I was reading my own. We had so much in common! Won’t bore you with all the details, wonderful they might be, but now we are together it seems as if two parts of one soul finally found each other! On an international dating site!

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July 01, 2014

Big are stupid. all girls here are full of manure to attract pommies like you

July 04, 2014

John, I beg to differ, you don't know me and what experience I had. This website worked well for me and it assisted me to meet someone I think is special.

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Very positive experience

Reviewed By Micah on June 17, 2014

I have very positive experience with Anastasiadate, as it helped me find my Elena. I was attracted to her from the first moment. She looked so beautiful and natural in the pictures and her profile on Anastasiadate, was not of a super woman, but of a good and nice woman who I could consider as my life partner in the future. As it appeared through correspondence, I did the right choice, as her letters proved that she was sincere, honest and serious in her intentions to develop a long-lasting relationship with me. My first trip by car through all Ukraine was very long and risky but I did not change my mind to see her despite all the difficulties. Within a short period of time we have already met 4 times in her country..

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Worked out for me

Reviewed By Ben on June 15, 2014

I would like to share with you my fortunate meeting of one of the ladies on Anastasia. I received my first letter from her last February. Men on Anastasia receive numerous emails every day and I personally did not have the time to respond to all the nice letters from the ladies. If you believe in fate then Olga and I were destined to meet. Olga is, like many of the woman on Anastasia site, very beautiful, but there is so much more to a person, and a relationship, then how attractive you may find someone. Anyway, it worked out perfectly for me!

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