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World Leadership Group (WLG) is a corporation with a business model similar to firms like Primerica. They combine Multi Level Marketing with financial product sales and market the opportunity as a personal franchise.

Thus, members of the World Leadership Group can sell loans for commission and simultaneously recruit more WLG members.  It's a benefit to start a down line as you will earn a percentage of their sales volume just like your recruiter will profit from you.

As with other financial service MLMs my biggest concern is with the way they advertise and recruit members.  Often they post vague job ads on popular resume submission websites and schedule folks for interviews.  However, what they don't tell them is that what they're showing up for is a group pitch session where they're sold on the WLG opportunity.

I find these practices to be very misleading and frustrating as they take up the time of folks that are looking for real jobs.  Companies like World Leadership Group should be upfront about the opportunity that they are offering.

Some other complaints that I have heard about WLG were from past members that thought the opportunity focused more on recruitment than selling.  Others have complained that only a small percentage of their loans were being closed.  However, it's hard to make generalizations about World Leadership Group since results are ultimately individually based.

Overall, the World Leadership Group business opportunity is not an outright scam; they do give you access to a very competitive industry.  At times their services and membership fees may not be the best but ultimately it's up to the individual to make the best of the opportunity.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for 'World Leadership Group'


Average Rating is 1.94 out of 5 based on 20 reviews.

Frank Holder   Mississippi

11:31pm on November 27th, 2012 

Reviews such as this one are the biggest SCAM of all. Is every teller at every bank destined to be the next CEO of that bank? Give me a break!
MLM done correctly is one of the best and ONLY opportunity the average person will ever have. Does everyone earn great income or become the next millionaire? Of course not. The next millionaire will probably be the scam artist who write reviews on subjects they have no clue about. Bye the way, WLG has been out of business for several years now, so don't write as tho they are still in business.

Danny   Saint Paul

1:07am on October 5th, 2011 

People don't plan to fail, they fail to plan. Everyone is a custom of someone telling them what to do, so when they have to do it themselves, they fail. Too Bad..

Rick   arizona

9:39am on January 15th, 2011 

Companies like these are the reason the economy is the way it is. I've seen close friends and family get ripped off by this company. Whatever you sow you will reap!

robert   so cal

11:50pm on December 3rd, 2010 

WGL is one of the reasons there was the mortgage meltdown. The company encouraged people to "maximize" the equity of their homes and spend the money or go buy other "investment" properties. WGL should be prosecuted by the FTC and the Justice Department.

XWLG   Sacramento

1:11pm on September 16th, 2010 

What happen to all the equity share that Hubert Promised. The money that the EFC's earned (or Supposedly earned) was inflated and lied about. ASK Clayton Sampson...why didn't he stay until the end. WLG/GEL was a predatory lending machine...everything was inflated and they inflated the information that was on the 1099 and about income which was false. It is just the beginning of all the forensic auditing that's taking place. ALL EFC's and Headquarters will be prosecuted to the fullest. And we know that there att First Financial Security, INC which is another SCAM.

pao   sacramento

11:22am on July 14th, 2010 

i have work with wlg for 6month and thank god that i have make my money back right on time. i have to pay 150 dollar just to get in and at the end i went through 1000 people and finally got to loan ... glad make my money back.... if you really put your time into it i will work for you but that will take 20 year for you to get to the top ....

Demos,   San Diego

2:14pm on April 15th, 2010

I asked the wlg rep iF this was a pyramid scam and he told me that the real PYRAMIDS ARE IN EGYPT!

Bernadette   Las Vegas

4:34pm on February 19th, 2010 

I learned a lot from this company. Even they no longer in business, they have helped a lot of people in their mortgages and gave a lot of people an opportunity to make some extra income. Amy Hinajon- the servant leader in Las Vegas is really good and trust worthy person. She taught everyone to be a leader and take responsibility. I am thankful for this company that today I am not working for anyone else and continue to have a small business. She definitely delivers the american dream.

John Burdette   puyallup wa

10:34pm on September 19th, 2009

I joined WLG and worked very little as most people in multi levels. I thought that it was very good learning experience I think I made some where around nine thousand dollars. I had great up line support and sure I don't like all the worldly ploys that the people use to get people excited,but face it people are lazy and want to blame their negative and their miss fortunes on the company good luck to all the blamers I am glad that I take the blame for not making it work as hard as I could have.

Terri Green   Gainesville, GA

8:03pm on August 23rd, 2009 

As an ex employee of WLG/GRM this is a complete scam. I saw people paying their last dollars to attend motivational seminars to hear Hubert talk about all the money he has made. That money has been made of the backs and hard work of others. His favorite statement about himself was I come from box car to business star. This meaning he came up from working on the railroad. Too bad this is getting so much bad publicity. He could have had a good business going if he wasn't so greedy. I saw this from the inside.

Pastor B   Sacramento

12:17pm on August 12th, 2009 

I don't know where to start because it is just another company that went belly up. I feet sorry for the people that Hubert hired at his Headquarters when they we bribed with equity of the firm. They were left empty handed. And all the team members that where promised equity which never existed. I think we should file a class action law suit against the EFC's and Hubert Humphrey for falsifying equity and residual income. Could you please join me and take lead.

Jim   Lowes

2:46pm on May 27th, 2009 

I meet this lady from Las Vegas. Her name is Amy Hinajon. Weird name but she was good. I believed her and eventually lost thousands. This is just a pyramid scam. They are out of business now bit beware of this cute girl. SHE"S A SCAM

Johnson   Boston

9:17pm on April 23rd, 2009 

I lost $1000 to this scam WLG company.

Derek   Houston

11:14am on February 6th, 2009 

I have to agree with you. At one time, they were focusing on recruiting more than anything else.
I am no longer with them now and good thing. I believe they went belly up because of the market.
Try to go to their website and you get a message that says they are no longer taking applications and they pretty much let go all of their employees.
How sad.

andy   tolando fl

7:45pm on September 30th, 2008 

I lost 300.00 with this SCAM company wlg

if it sounds to good to be true IS NOT TRUE SCAM

and i been in sales for 20 years

Dan   Florida

12:37am on September 17th, 2008 

Its sad that these people want to blaime the company for their lack of success. Its a opportunity just like anything else you still have to work. It seems to me these were the "Well, I'll give it a shot" type of people. Perhaps if they worked at it they might become successful. I have made a lot of money but I have also worked very hard. Although sometimes people might clash with their uplines personality that doesn't mean it had anything to do with the company. The person who brought me into this company was a joke in himself. However it is a real serious real estate, mortgage, and financial service company. Problem is you do actually have to work. And you don't have to buy "hype" the company is what is is and I would rather be part of something that has a positive atmosphere than something where I get yelled at and beaten up everyday. Perhaps Paul, Donna and Rubi shouldn't depend on others for their success and take it into their own hands. I would never have recruited such negative unsuccessful unmotivated people into my organization. Go watch the secret.


1:57pm on August 17th, 2008 


rubi   Tampa, Fl

5:35pm on July 19th, 2008 

I also had a horrible experience with WLG. 4 of my family members got involved w/ the company, we paid registration fees etc. We attended to meetings every weekend. They do not tell you everything upfront. You do not make any money in your firts 5 loans,(they keep that money for traing you), is very hard to get 1 loan to close. I never made any money, I lost a lot of time and money but the worst thing was that my team leader encouraged me to refinance my house showing me all the money I was going to save by refinancing with WLG and what I got was an adjustible intrest only loan (big mistake)and now my loan is growing every year. I would not recommend this company to anybody.

Donna McGuinness   Atlanta

10:33am on July 10th, 2008 

I was pulled into this "group" by Sam leccima. Mr. scam "flip this house" on TLC. He called me because I was an Interior Designer and wanted to learn the business. Well he invited me for a rah rah meeting and I was drawn in. They kept bringing up how much money you could make, but never how. After I left, this was spring of 06, I was called the next day to speak with sam and his wife at their apt. Little did I know Sam was being sued by a woman claiming he never had a legitimate real estate license.

Well after spending 2 hrs at his town home I had in essentially spent $150 in one afternoon for registration. Little did I know I still had to spend another $150 for the so called online training, also another thing you might want to know is...I was unemployed and this was a hardship, sam said I would do so well in training and my personality would do great in recruiting. The more you recruit the more money you make.

I went thru the training, online, the rah rah meetings, that you paid for if it was on the weekend, and my time and energy not looking for a job. I recruited someone right away but all I did was book work. When I was finally done I said to one of the managers "when do I do the outside training and start making money"? I never got an answer. Sam was lying low and he never returned my calls. I told him if I didn't start making money I was soon going down a road I didn't want to. Nothing. After 3 months I gave up. No one was willing to work with me and sam got my money as did WLG. I am not stupid. I lost so much time from looking for a real job that I put my family in real jeopardy. The only ones who make money are the ones who are in management. They train and repeat themselves while you pay more money. I wish I never heard of WLG!

Paul   southern calif

11:15am on May 27th, 2008 

Anything bad you have heard about World leadership group is true. They are mostly focused more on recruitment than selling. When you start asking about the business side of thing all you get is recruit, recruit. Don't ask about selling, or doing any real work, just recruit.

Take my advice do not join this group period, it is bad company. By the way don't buy into the wlg hype eitehr.

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