Reviews – Legit or Scam?

July 30th, 2012  |  Published in Website Reviews is a website dedicated to finding your website’s biggest problems in one hour, and then providing you with the information and feedback you need to improve your site’s usability. gives you the ability to create a test for your website and then have real people take the test and give you feedback via video recording, while they are using the site. You can also ask them follow up questions for further information.

For each participant you would like to test, you must pay $39, with a current coupon of $30 off orders over $100 for new clients. Also, if you are looking for extra income from home, allows people to sign up as website testers.

Testing Your Users

You can choose to create your own test, or use a test template based on the area of your website you would like to examine. You can also test competitor websites, prototype sites, Facebook games, or mobile sites and applications.

Once your test is created, you can choose a market to test, either from picking participants from the site, which will allow to pick the demographics of the market you would like tested, or from a pool of your website users, or you can arrange to have new users to your site prompted live to see if they will participate.

Finally, after you have received and compiled all your data from your test participants, you can edit, make notes, create clips of the videos, combine the clips into a highlights reel, and then share the reel and the notes with the coworkers who will help you improve your site based on your new information.

The Work at Home Opportunity

You can also choose to work as an at home User Tester for the website if you are looking for a way to make some extra money. will pay you $10 for every website you test, and each test averages around 20 minutes.

You must be at least 18 years old with your own PC or Mac that has the ability to record your voice via microphone. In addition you must have a high speed internet connection and be able to successfully complete a test run with your equipment for

If you meet all these qualifications, you then must fill out a one page questionnaire with all of your demographic information – such as age, race, ethnicity, region of the country you live, education level, and sometimes more. This information is important as it is what is used to see if you qualify for certain website testing, depending on what market the client is targeting.

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