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IM Software Suite Reviews – Legit or Scam?

March 27th, 2013  |  Published in Product Reviews, Website Reviews

The IM Software Suite is a new “money-getting” software product by Richard Smart which is currently being made available for free to people who are willing to be “beta testers.”

According to the website, though this software would normally be priced between $37 and $47, if you sign up as a beta tester, you will receive the software along with all of its earning capacity completely free. You will not even be required to provide a credit card number.

The job of a beta tester for this company will be to use the software on a regular basis and utilize all the money making features while keeping all the profits, as long as you provide them with feedback about problems with the software and share with them your “success story.”

How It Works

After you download the software – if you are accepted as a beta tester – you will get a full money making system, including a website with multiple squeeze pages, two products to sell, multiple affiliate products, and much more.

The IM Software Suite is described as a “fully automated” money making system which will sell your products for you. And as these products are sold, all the money you make is yours to keep.

The website says that you must set up a PayPal account that you can register with them, and all the money you earn will be taken from the software suite and deposited directly into that account.

What To Be Aware Of

First, when dealing with a program that describes itself as “fully automated,” you should automatically be cautious and critical. No income stream is completely passive, with zero time and effort on your part. When a product markets itself that way, it’s misleading.

Another problem with “fully automated” programs which provide you with everything is that you do not actually own the money making opportunity you are using. This means that if you ever decide to leave this software, you will lose your website and any work you’ve done.

Second, after you sign up to be a beta tester, you will be redirected to other pages selling further products. These products will be marketed as having large value and small price tags, as well as being perfectly tailored to help you be most successful in your money earning endeavors.

Finally, this website does not offer you Terms & Conditions or a Privacy Policy, so you have no way of knowing what they are doing with the information you give them. Not providing their consumers with these important policies is also a bad sign.

All money making opportunities should be individually assessed, but since one of the requirements of beta testers is that they do not tell anyone what they are doing until after the software drops in 90 days, you will be unlikely to find any first person reviews of this program.

If you are still interested in trying this software, try the completely free version without purchasing any add-ons, in order to protect yourself.

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Killer Content Reviews – Legit or Scam?

September 21st, 2012  |  Published in Product Reviews, Website Reviews

The Killer Content System, located at, is a new automated work at home system from Socrates Socratus, which claims to be able to make a consistent income for anyone, regardless of their skills or experience.

According to the website, the Killer Content System is an “easy to use, push button, dummy proof” system, that you can have up and running in ten minutes, and is completely automated.

For a one time payment of $47, which has currently been discounted to $37 for a brief period of time, you will receive the entire Killer Content System, as well as an 8 week no questions asked refund policy in which to review the program.

The Killer Content System

The system itself consists of the Killer Content software, access to 100 websites, access to more than 15,000 professionally written articles, and the Killer Content article spinner which will give you infinite articles to choose from.

In its most basic way, the system works by having you choose a niche category to create a website in. Once you’ve chosen your category, the article distributors will find articles in your category and post them to your website. The article spinners will take these same articles, and create a duplicate article with different words and phrases, to create even more content.

Socrates, the creator of the Killer Content System, does not explain how this earn you money, but it seems the idea is that websites with good content rank well on search engines, and therefore the simple act of getting people to your site to see ads will earn you an unlimited income.

The Problems

First, the most significant problem with the Killer Content System is the repeated promises of unlimited earning potential, using very little time, and with a system that is “completely automated.”

It is fairly easy to say that such a system does not exist. In the world of internet based business, the phrases “push button” and “fully automated” long ago became tell tale signs of a faulty business system. There simply is no such thing as making money without doing anything, which is essentially what the Killer Content System is promising.

In addition, the tools they give you to provide content for your many websites – article distributors and article spinners – have recently been targeted by Google as negative tools of Search Engine Optimization, and when they determine you are using those tools, the rankings of your websites will be negatively affected.

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Pure Raspberry Ketone Reviews – Legit or Scam?

September 10th, 2012  |  Published in Product Reviews

Pure Raspberry Ketone, found at the website, is an all natural nutritional supplement that promises both weight loss and increased metabolic health.

Pure Raspberry Ketone is a specific nutritional supplement that includes raspberry ketone, as well as a number of other natural ingredients that are associated with weight loss.

A one month supply of Pure Raspberry Ketone costs $49.99 and can provide up to 10 lbs of weight loss, while a two month supply comes with one free bottle, costs $79.99 and can provide up to 20 lbs of weight loss, and a three month supply comes with two free bottles, costs $99.99 and can provide up to 30 lbs of weight loss.

Pure Raspberry Ketone is a specific brand only available at their website, and not at health and wellness stores such as GNC. Pure Raspberry Ketone says you must be 18 or older to purchase or use their supplement.

The Ingredients

In addition to raspberry ketone, Pure Raspberry Ketone contains: resveratrol, acai berry, African mango extract, and green tea.

Resveratrol, which is the famous healthy component of red wine, has been proven to improve metabolic health. While resveratrol has never been linked to weight loss, it can improve blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and liver fat.

Acai berry, on the other hand, is popularly considered one of the world’s superfoods, due to its rumored high content of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Unfortunately no independent studies have been conducted to prove these claims, and most doctors believe acai berries don’t exhibit any more benefits than other fruits with antioxidants.

African mango extract is another popular weight loss supplement that is claimed to promote weight loss of up to 4000% over placebos. These claims have also never been supported by independent studies, though some personal testimonies have indicated positive results.

Finally, green tea is another proven natural source for weight loss and metabolic health. The catechins in green tea help promote both overall weight loss and fat loss, though you’d need at least 4 cups a day or a highly concentrated extract to reap the benefits.

Raspberry Ketone

But, of course, the most important ingredient in the supplement Pure Raspberry Ketone is the raspberry ketone itself. According to, raspberry ketone is a “potent fat burner.”

Raspberry ketone is the phenolic compound which gives raspberries their smell. This compound has been proven to help the breakdown of fat cells and raise levels of adiponectin, which increases metabolic function.

Dr. Oz has even promoted the use of raspberry ketone on his television show, though he says it is best used in addition to proper diet and exercise. And he says that for optimal results, you should be getting 100mg a day.

Remember: Pure Raspberry Ketone is a specific brand of supplement, and is not the only dietary supplement available that offers raspberry ketone as an ingredient. Always pay attention to the warnings and instructions on any health product you purchase.


LivePerson Reviews – Legit or Scam?

November 28th, 2011  |  Published in Product Reviews

LivePerson ( is a company which claims to provide meaningful “customer connections” in order to help your company increase sales and improve your customer service.

LivePerson says they specialize in creating “connected customers,” which they define as being customers who buy more often, spend more, and promote your brand to others because of their brand loyalty.

In order to help you create a base of connected customers, LivePerson offers a wide variety of products and services that they say will allow you to connect to your customers in real time, at every stage of their lives.

What is a Connected Customer?

Essentially, a “connected customer” is one that has access to live customer service from your website whenever they need it. This can be done with LivePerson in a variety of ways.

First, they offer Live Chat software, which allows customers to have a “live chat” with a customer service representative while browsing the site. This chat takes place via the internet.

They also offer Live Voice, which allows customers to request that a real customer service rep call them to discuss an issue person-to-person.

Once they input their phone number and service issue, they will be contacted by a real customer service rep who not only can deal with them in real time, but also will have the necessary experience to handle their specific question or concern.

Why is This Important?

LivePerson says that creating and maintaining “connected customers” increases your percentage of customers who will buy, as well as increasing the amount of money they spend, and decreases cancellations.

In addition to their connection services, they also offer LivePerson Analytics, where they will provide you with suggestions for improving your customers’ experience and customer service based on their analysis of monitored customer conversations.

If you are interested in more information, LivePerson offers Live Chat on their own website to address any questions you may have about how their products and services could address your specific company needs.


SpeedMaxPc Reviews – Legit or Scam?

November 17th, 2011  |  Published in Product Reviews

SpeedMaxPc is a downloadable software system that claims to give users “High Tech PC Optimization” by scanning their computer, identifying the “bugs,” cleaning their system, and then protecting them from future problems.

SpeedMaxPc is free to download and, once downloaded, will conduct a free scan of your computer, both hard drive and registry, to see where there are areas that could be addressed to have your computer run more efficiently.

In addition, SpeedMaxPc will scan your computer for spyware and malware and show you the specific issues that can be treated with their software.

However, these problems and areas of inefficiency will not be fixed by SpeedMaxPc unless you decide to purchase the software at a price of $29.99. Once you have purchased the software, SpeedMaxPc will begin fixing the issues so your computer can more efficiently.

And once your current problems are corrected, SpeedMaxPc also offers continual protection against spyware and malware so that future viruses cannot affect your computer’s performance.

Do you have any experience with SpeedMaxPc? If so, please leave a review below.