Instant Payday Network Reviews – Legit or Scam?

April 3rd, 2013  |  Published in Affiliate Marketing, Freebies

Instant Payday Network, found online at, is a work from home opportunity promoted by founder Jeff Buchanan who says that this training can provide anyone with the ability to earn money from home.

The system being promoted by Jeff Buchanan is a type of affiliate marketing system. He is asking his members to sign up with a “freebie company” called My Cash Freebies and then to promote others to join that company using methods from his training tutorial.

This system is described as being a complete “turn key” marketing system which will do everything necessary to earn money for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the best part is Instant Payday Network claims to be free.

How Does Instant Payday Network Work?

The easiest answer to that is Instant Payday Network works by getting you to sign up for the My Cash Freebies websites, as well as for Instant Payday Network. The way people are earning money in this system is by signing up new members, who complete offers.

These offers require you to sign up for free trials or informational quotes or other similar introductory deals. You are then required to sign up other people to complete these very same offers.

My Cash Freebies and Instant Payday Network are paid by their partner companies to find new people to complete their offers. These websites then turn around and offer you payment as an incentive for completing the offers.

Is It Legit?

Though this type of work is often a target of many complaints and scam accusations, it is in fact a real way to earn money. The issues come not from this being a fake system, but from the drawbacks of the system itself.

When working with a business which requires you to sign up for trial offers and introductory services, you must be extremely careful. These companies take your credit card information, and if you do not follow their instructions exactly, often times the results can easily be you paying more money than you will earn.

However, there is also a problem with the way Instant Payday Network promotes this business opportunity as well. They claim the average person participating in this industry earns $20 an hour, and those who “work hard” can earn almost $3000 a week doing this.

Whenever a company claims that they are going to provide you with a system that “does everything for you” and that this will somehow result in you earning thousands of dollars a week, it is a good rule of thumb for users to proceed with caution.

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My Cash Freebies Reviews – Legit or Scam?

April 3rd, 2013  |  Published in Freebies

My Cash Freebies is a website which claims to give anyone the ability to win free prizes and earn cash payments through PayPal just by completing easy, basic offers from their partner companies.

According to their website, My Cash Freebies works in four steps. You sign up for a free account, complete the offers available on the site to earn credits, refer your friends and family members to join as well, and then claim your prizes. says they are owned by the same parent company which also owns Paradise Freebies and Free Treasure Chest. The company was established in 2009 and says they are a “trusted and valued entity” in the freebie industry.

How Does It Work?

The “freebie industry” is a type of online earnings system where websites partner with other companies to promote the free trials and special offers of their goods and services. Many websites do this; this website actually has a variety of different versions, Like Double My Cash Freebies and Express My Cash Freebies, which are promoted through affiliate sites like Instant Payday Network.

On these sites, users can find a large number of these offers on one site to complete, and once you have completed a certain number of offers you can claim a prize or receive cash.

With My Cash Freebies, you have offers from over 40 different partner sites that you can complete across 3 networks. Every offer is given a value, starting at .05 and going up. You need to complete at least one full credit, sometimes more, to claim your prizes.

Is It Legit?

Though the system of completing offers in exchange for prizes is technically legit, or at least legal, many people feel that this method of making money is actually a scam. My Cash Freebies attempts to address this skepticism by providing a “Proof Gallery” to show that their members do receive prizes.

However, the issue many people have is not with whether or not members are actually receiving prizes. Instead, it is with the nature of how you receive the prizes: completing offers.

Completing these offers often requires your credit card number, as well as your personal contact information, and if you are not extremely careful about how you proceed with these offers, you will often end up with multiple credit card charges and an overwhelming amount of contact from marketers and salespeople.

If you are still interested in participating, it is important to pay close attention to the individual terms of every offer you are completing, in order to protect your investment and privacy.

If you're at because you are looking for a way to make money online then check out our article "7 Ways to Make Money Online" - methods that anyone can use to earn an income from home.