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VirtualBee Reviews – Legit or Scam?

November 13th, 2012  |  Published in Data Entry Jobs

VirtualBee is a company which specializes in outsourced data entry work by taking projects from their clients companies and distributing it amongst their online workforce, both domestically and internationally.

VirtualBee is the new name and face of KeyForCash, an online data entry company that was well established in the work at home community.

VirtualBee claims to be building on the solid foundation they established as KeyForCash, but with many improvements, including expanding their workforce to include international options.

According to their website, all you need to work for VirtualBee is a home computer, an internet connection, and basic typing skills. It is free to sign up at VirtualBee, and they claim to charge no fees, at any time.

The Work

If you wish to sign up as a member of VirtualBee’s online workforce, you must answer a few questions and take a short evaluation – an assessment of your abilities and skills, such as typing speed – and then you will be placed on a waiting list.

Members who have higher evaluation scores will be taken from the waiting list first and presented with projects. You will be given an image of the data that needs to be entered and you just type it in.

You are paid based on the quantity of work you complete, which means that the amount you earn is tied to your speed and accuracy. However, there are different rates of pay at different times for projects, so you should be aware of that.

Is It Legit?

Anyone searching for an online work opportunity should ask themselves if the program or employer they are looking at is safe, or even real – there are far too many scams and unethical businesses online today.

But VirtualBee is a long established online data entry company that claims to be both risk and commitment free. You never have to pay them a dime, and you are completely in control of how much and how often you work.

In order to sign up at VirtualBee, you must be eighteen years of age or older, and live within the continental United States to take part in their domestic program, otherwise you may qualify for their international program.

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National Data Entry Reviews – Legit or Scam?

January 13th, 2010  |  Published in Data Entry Jobs

It’s a surprise to see a website like National Data Entry ( operating these days, as the work from home data entry niche has long been exposed. This scheme has been busted and revamped so many times over that it seems silly for “Alisha Carter” to throw her website into the mix.

At one point these Data Entry sites were so prevalent that Google banned them from their sponsored ads listings refusing to accept any ads that made mention of data entry work.  The reason is because the owners of these types of sites are not actually selling data entry jobs, what they’re offering is a sneaky misrepresentation of affiliate marketing.

Basically what they do is define any portion of affiliate marketing that involves writing as data entry.  So for instance part of affiliate marketing is running ads on search engines which involves doing some descriptive writing to entice searchers to click on your ad.

This is something that they would call data entry even though it’s quintessential marketing which requires upfront investments, experience, and a clear understanding of what you’re doing. Likewise, article marketing is another area that they misrepresent.

Yes, writing and submitting articles online to promote products can make you money, however all your income is commission based.  This means that you need to research a product, write well about it, then wait for a customer to read your article and make a purchase.  Then and only then will you get paid.

This is the general gist of how scam companies like National Data Entry operate; there are many more examples of how they misrepresent elements of internet marketing as data entry opportunities but this is the basic gist.

Customers have also reported that as part of their real jobs, National Data Entry will link to sections of popular sites, like Yahoo! Jobs and Craigslist.  This is pretty outrageous since you don’t need to pay someone $49 to tell you to go on Yahoo! And search for data entry work.

This is just another example of why you should avoid companies like this especially if you’re searching for real work for which you’d earn hourly or pre assigned pay.  If you want real work at home jobs the best places to look are freelance websites where employers post long and short term jobs for workers to apply for.

You can start with our own list of legitimate Work From Home Data Entry Jobs.

If you learn anything from this it’s that you should be very cautious when you come across data entry jobs online.  This type of work is in such high demand that scammers get away with a lot because of people’s desperation to get these jobs.

If you're at because you are looking for a way to make money online then check out our article "7 Ways to Make Money Online" - methods that anyone can use to earn an income from home.