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VoiceFive manages market research panels for companies all around the world. Companies use research data from VoiceFive to form business decisions. The VoiceFive program provides users free software to download on their computers in order to track browsing and purchasing behavior, it collects all of the content on each webpage that members view. Two of their private research panels include Impact Network Online and Premier Opinion.

Impact network Online studies the internet usage patterns of physicians outside the workplace through their software. They believe this will help determine how the internet plays a role in the health care system today. The physicians can win prizes in monthly sweepstakes.

Premier Opinion is another one of VoiceFive's online market research panels. The software tracks internet behaviors and trends of members. Periodic surveys on various topics, offered through pop-ups, are used to gather information regarding people’s interests and opinions to help them improve online marketing strategies.

Members of Premier Opinion have benefits including offers to download free software programs, enter into monthly sweepstakes and receive other prizes. For every survey a member completes and for every friend they get to join the program constitutes as an entry into that month’s sweepstakes drawing. In addition, there is a yearly sweepstakes offer; all of the entries for the year are entered into the drawing for a chance to win.

In theory, you are downloading spyware onto your computer. VoiceFive programs’ surveys consist of continuous pop-ups from their advertisers. Because the software is intended to monitor your system, they have control mechanisms to prevent you from using the program’s opt-out feature while also making it impossible to remove the program from your computer. The characteristics of this software may even constitute it as malware.

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