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Virtual Vocations - scam reboot!!!!!

Reviewed By Geoff Kassover on June 28, 2016, Princeton, New Jersey

In the old days - the 1990s - a common scam that was always one of the most complained and prosecuted businesses was the newspaper advertised Rental &/or Job referral service. After a while virtually all states made laws requiring the ads to say "advance fee" or some type of notice that an upfront payment - before additional specific info - about the rental or job was provided. Before (and after that) you would call and get a well trained salesman getting you to purchase a membership/subscription to obtain this "compilation of info that their research team gathered everyday, much from sources the normal person wouldn't have". Of course,generally the places and jobs actually did exist in someway - but the ads glorified them - being frank == misrepresented them. You would come down pay your fee ("cash please., no checks - we're selling information and can't get it back..."), and made a friend, and given a map to your new 3bdroom, 2 car gar, home with fireplace and a view, kids/pets ok - utils included, for $250). This is the reboot of that scam. You aren't dealing with an employer or and employment company or anything like it - but rather someone that wants to sell you a subscription to their info/spam. A place that has a program go through and find job postings - and without any further anything - reprints them and revises, glamorizes and enhances the position to be attractive - but not what it is, wants or needs....and if anything may out you on a worse footing by approaching the employer thinking you are referred and know things (that are inevitably NOT right), than doing it yourself. Their system, like the ones decades ago really doesn't find anything you can't on a few short searches of your own. As you can see here...they come from Craigs List and such are available to all.

Some common sense: Look at the better than you've ever seen before, more of them, exactly where your are, etc. Look at them closer and you'll frequently find how they become a mish-mash of attractive positions which if you were qualified for - have many, many aspects mentioned that could not possibly be done by the position headlined...but the writers of these ads don't know that. They (or the computer compiling it) really have no idea of anything or desire to advance anything but your subscription to their service. AVOID. AVOID. AVOID.

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WARNING: You do not have to pay to work (virtualvocations)

Reviewed By MarionAde on September 16, 2013, Illinois USA

Virtual Vocations claims to hook you up with real companies hiring remote/telecommute workers.
It does this and the jobs are real. Example:

Telecommute Junior Mission Data Analyst I - Cybercrime Analysis

Company Name: available to members
Company URL: available to members
JobID: available to members
(you get the idea)

Can you apply for this job? NO!

Clicking apply leads you to a page demanding a whopping $6.99 every week for a fee!

Since I am a computer expert, it took me all of 7 seconds to find the location of the real job; and I could have applied without paying a cent.
Unfortunately, it had been filled.

The actual position was with based in MD.
For the entire job description and proof, see
(Posted Sept. 16, 2013)

If you are a member of this site (virtualvocations), and paying to work? Cancel. With very little extra effort, you can locate all of of these jobs yourself. A legitimate company that is hiring, is looking to fill the position and they are not hiding the job opening from the public.

To re-iterate and drive the truth home:

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