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Viggle is a downloadable app which promises to “make TV more rewarding” by giving people the ability to earn points which they can exchange into rewards just by watching their favorite television programs.

According to, this application works by allowing you to “check in” to your favorite TV shows – or any TV shows – while you’re watching. Once the app identifies the show you are watching, you will receive points.

At times, certain television shows will be featured and you will receive extra points when you watch them. They also offer a variety of extra features to help you earn even more points by interacting with the shows you watch.

Viggle LIVE provides you with interactive trivia, voting, and polls in relation to the shows you are watching, while MyGuy is a fantasy sports program which recognizes the teams playing when you check in. The better you do with your fantasy sports team, the more Viggle points you will earn.

Unfortunately this application is only available for members with Android and Apple phones, as well as currently running a promotion which offers bonus points to Viggle DirecTV members.

Once you have earned your points, you can exchange them for your rewards. These items include movie tickets and gift cards which they promise are for major, nationwide brand name companies, like Burger King, Old Navy, and Fandango. Or, if you prefer, they give you the option to transfer your points into a charitable donation.

Viggle Support has a page full of FAQs and tips to help their customers understand how to best use their app and avoid frustration and complaints. For example, if you mostly watch recorded programs, you can still receive credit for checking in to these programs, but those which were available on live TV and recorded within the last 7 days.

If you have any experience with this mobile app, please leave your Viggle reviews below.

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1 Review

Worth the time.

Reviewed By Don Resor on December 9, 2014, Atlanta, Georgia

Viggle is not a scam.

That said, there are three ways to earn points. Checking into television shows where you receive 1 point per minute (some shows have bonuses as much as 15X). You can check in for 12 hours a day (720 points plus any bonuses). You are able to exit out of the phone app and remain checked in to the show. Usually it recognizes the show to check you in on the first time.

Second, checking into songs at 100 (it was 50), points per song. 20 songs per day (2000 points a day).

Third, watching videos (and an advertisement) on for 50 points (was 25) per video. You can watch 200 videos a day for a total of 10,000 points.

You can currently get up to 12,000 points per day (I believe it's going back to 6,000) soon. I ordered a Keurig coffee pot for around 500,000 points on a Thursday and it arrived at my door the following Tuesday. I've never contacted their customer service, so I can't rate them. You can log into your account with up to five devices, but only one at a time (they say this, but I'm often logged in with both phone and computer). Also, I've logged into my account to use it in more than ten different states, so area code is irrelevant.

Rewards: I've used Viggle for less than a year, but I have thought the reward products are worth the time, K-cups, PS4, TV's, headphones, kitchenware, Dyson Vacuum, iPad Air... The other rewards are are unimpressive. I've never seen a gift card listed, sweepstakes seem a waste, the deals aren't good (% off for places I don't shop and on things I don't want), there is one charity listed, and Viggle products. I assume most people use their points on videos or music I've never and don't plan on doing this. Stick with the products.

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2 Reviews

A Slightly Annoying App but Not All Bad

Reviewed By Carly Brooke Steffen on December 5, 2014, Madison, Wisconsin

This app will only let you login on one mobile device at a time and only works in the land of the area code of a person's mobile phone number which would sound disappointing, but what matters more is that Viggle is not actually a scam. I redeemed points on Puma sport-hybrid earbuds and got them 12 days after I ordered them.

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1 Review

A waste thanks to horrible customer service!

Reviewed By DPoma on July 12, 2014

Viggle was actually fun at first, and it's easy to participate.

When I attempted to redeem 39,000 points for an iTunes gift card, the 'reward code' they provided did not work.

I sent a message to Customer Service, 3 days later the response indicated I had probably not entered the code correctly. I double and triple-checked to be sure this was not the problem.

I advised them I had done exactly as instructed. I had no further word from them. No attempt to resolve this was received from them. Now over a week later, I will delete the app. and chalk this up to bad treatment by an app that doesn't meet it's stated purpose.

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1 Review

Viggle not worth my time

Reviewed By Shar on January 8, 2014

Firs to all, you check in to a tv show, but then if you get a text, do anything else on the ipad, then go back to Viggle, you have to check in all over again, therefore even while watching the tv show you basically can't do anything else on your ipad while it's listening to your tv otherwise you lose points. I have enough points to get a Reward, yet most of the day there isn't 1 reward and wen there is, it's ONE reward for something I don't want.. Redbox is the popular one. There should be a choice. Plus the Reward is only up for a couple hours, then the Reward section is blank. Just not worth my time when I can't even use my ipad for anything else when checked int o viggle.

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August 16, 2014

i downladed and started an account with viggle i had almost 5400 viggle points then the app on my new iphone stopped it per viggle advised me to login i tried 6-7 times same result told me wrong pass word i know it was right..after 5 atemps to contact them via lost or forgotten password they finnally sent a email stateing they wer'e sorry and would gather the info and get back o me in a few after hors and even this moring they still haven't contacted me.then 1 hr ago i recieved 2 emails 1st asking me to click link to verify email address was rigt i did that the second just said new act set up via mt direct tv act. when i logged into the viggle account via my iphone all the points wer'e gone....i have been trying to contact them to get my 5400 plus points back but they havent responded think this is a scam

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