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About Vanilla Reload Network is where you can find information pertaining to the Vanilla Reload card. This card makes adding funds to your existing prepaid debit card both safe and convenient. Best of all, it is easy to obtain because there are no forms to fill out.
The Vanilla Reload card can be purchased at thousands of stores across the country for a cost of $3.95; on their website you can find retailers in your local area with their search tool. Adding money to the Vanilla Reload Card can be done at the register upon purchasing the card, on the phone, online or thru direct deposit of payroll and government checks.
Once money has been loaded onto the card, they are immediately available for transfer over to prepaid debit cards specifically within the Vanilla Reload Network. Vanilla Reload is partnered with some of the most popular prepaid Visa, MasterCard and American Express programs including: NetSpend, MyVanilla, Serve, PayPal, Momentum, and Mio.
The Vanilla Reload Card, when used in combination with prepaid debit cards, mimics the capabilities of a standard bank account. It attracts individuals who do not have good credit and are not eligible to open a bank account or credit card. Even though each prepaid card may have their own fees, the Vanilla Reload Card does not have any fees after its initial purchase. This enables its users to avoid bank account fees, particularly referencing expensive overdraft fees. 
Vanilla Reload has a slew of reviews posted online; there were two prominent topics touched upon in these reviews. One of them referenced the use of this card to earn reward points on prepaid debit cards and the second one had to do with a scam involving stolen funds from the card.
Some of the prepaid debit cards offer reward points for making purchases and the Vanilla Reload card can be purchased using these debit cards. Users discovered they could earn rewards quicker by purchasing a Vanilla Reload, transferring the funds back onto the prepaid card and repeat the process to earn more points. Prepaid debit card holders were also able to avoid monthly minimum spending fees by using them to reload their Vanilla card.
A major scam was unveiled when a number of Vanilla Reload cards were initially purchased and simultaneously loaded with money at the register. Immediately thereafter these funds were withdrawn by someone who had the account number and the four digit pin. This pin number is protected with a sticker which is then removed by the purchaser to access the card account. On these particular cards, there was not a four digit pin under the sticker. It was believed that this was an “insider job” and the four digit pins were never printed on or were removed from the card before the silver sticker was adhered. Without this pin number, individuals could not access their account.
It is recommended that you remove the sticker before purchasing and loading any of these prepaid reload cards. Additionally, only add small increments of money onto the card until you are certain it is safe to use and no one else has access to the funds.
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