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Legit or Scam?


USANA Health Sciences, Inc is one of Americaís leading health supplement Multi-Level/Network Marketing companies. Currently USANA Health Sciences distributes products in the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

The problem with MLM companies that focus on health supplements is that itís near impossible to find out if the products actually work. The business models of USANA and similar companies prevent this for several reasons.

First off, companies like USANA Health Sciences are usually founded by people with doctorate degrees in the sciences. This allows them to boast about the chemical make up of their supplements using terms that average folks donít understand.

Since these products are not FDA approved these experts conduct independent research for all their results. It becomes hard to tell if their information is biased or truly accurate. Itís hard to get a straight answer from distributors of health supplements because these people have a vested interest in selling these products.

In regards to the USANA Health Sciences business opportunity there have been mixed reports about the profit potentials. USANA entered legal proceedings against an individual that reported on the failures of the majority of USANA distributors.

There has been back and forth slander between both parties complicating the issue even further. However on the USANA website it states that the average earnings for North American distributors in 2005 were around $800.

If you look at MLM companies that have posted income results for their distributors this number seems very accurate. The general breakdown for MLM companies will usually reveal that between 80-90% of the people are barely clearing costs of running the business. Around 5-10% make an average living something like 40-60k a year, and the illustrious <5% are making serious money.

Despite the pervasiveness of these facts many people still join MLM programs like USANA Health Sciences. Usually itís because they are referred by friends or family who they trust or simply because they believe that they can be in that tiny elite group making money.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for 'USANA Health Sciences'


Average Rating is 3.05 out of 5 based on 185 reviews.

sampaguitA   CARRIBEAN

9:17pm on February 5th, 2015 



Elizaneth   manitoba

12:13am on February 3rd, 2015 

I dont know what associates some of these people have talked to but my experience has been very positive. I was shown the company 4 years ago, both the product and the business, At that time we decided to just be customers. We have never been pushed or harassed. Due to our belief in the product we approached our upline a couple of months ago about becoming an associate. He showed me the ins and out and left it for me to decide. The reason I decided to was because I was using the product anyway and I know many peop;e who could benefit. So I have had a few people sign up as customers. And as for the cost I have tried many store bought supplements with 0 improvement. Overall the cost is a bit higher but more then worth it.I have gone to some training but it is not like described here. And some people are contradicting themselves. They say that you isolate your friends but harass them to join how can you do both?

LJ   Nevada

11:52pm on January 19th, 2015 

I've been taking/using USANA products for about 4 yr. now and despite being skeptical at first I'm pleasantly surprised at their overall effectiveness.

I'm not a distributor but do know several who are Moderately to Very Successful in the earnings arena. They all have two things in common . . . The Desire to be successful & The Fortitude to persist in achieving their goals. I also know many who have failed for lack of individual effort.

When I read reviews such as these I ALWAYS keep in mind what The GREAT Henry Ford once said . . . "If you Think you CAN or Think you CAN'T , YOU ARE CORRECT !"

Melanie   Manila

7:57am on January 1st, 2015 

I think those that actually tried the product can tell whether the company is bogus.

I tried it, though skeptical at first. I noticed positive difference on my health.

The compensation part of the company? Nothing new. It's like Am way, Herbalife... I'm not into the business side of the company...yet.

I think what the company says is to try it to see for yourself. If it didn't work on yah then move to the next product.

Why would we badmouth companies if it brings good health to people, pay taxes, is legal.

I taught Work Ethics and we discussed MLM vs pyramid schemes. I'm not saying I know everything. I'm saying we review/study/analyze what we know, we thought we know, and say.

By experience, people say a lot of things to things they actually don't know about.

Let's give our educated opinion and express it properly else it would only sound to me like a negative, opinionated or disgruntled perspective.

Claire Robins   Santa Barbara

7:11am on November 27th, 2014 

I was diagnosed with stenosis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Went on rehab treatment but the pain persisted and even worsened. Then I was advised by a fellow who was becoming concern of my health status to give it a try of taking USANA products, specifically Essentials and QoQuinone, which I obediently did hoping a miracle would happen...and a miracle did happen. Now I am better and able to run and hit the road again with my running shoes after suffering ages of having difficulty walking and pain.

asyiik   Sydney

12:55am on October 29th, 2014 

I Loves Usana....Best of the best product n the compensation plan...well this is my first time join network marketing...and the result its great..I felt healthy than ever before..no more backpain,healthy skin n dont get tired anymore after work...
Now i've earn weekly income and my team is growing up to 170 ppl..and it maybe more coz it will be expand to new country and so on....if u want to success in usana..have positive mind set,never give up, keep learning and work as a team...last dont forget to pray n have faith in God..

Angie   CA

3:44am on October 14th, 2014 

This is a Scam. they sold these products to their close friends and family members and recruit them to sell to their friends . its a people networking and use their friends trust to make money and end up they will lose their money and their friends.

reality kid   San Jose, CA

5:37pm on September 16th, 2014 

This review is about the business side and not the product (which I think is excellent but overpriced).

Long story short: there's a 99.9% chance that you will eventually fail in Usana's MLM pyramid scheme. The true earners in the company, the so called ruby directors and above, rely on the failures of others and the high percentage of turnover. Most associates who buy into Usana's "make your dreams come true" scam fail within the first six months of joining. During the countless mind-numbing brainwashing meetings you will be constantly reminded that you can also be as successful as the top dogs of the organization. They will try their best to convince you that because of Usana that their top earner is now retired and living the dream and that you also can be like them. Reality is that their top earner is never retired. They show up at big meetings and use Jedi mind tricks to recruit more and more downlines to fund their evil empires.

Stay away...far away.

nonobest   australia

8:01pm on June 14th, 2014 

If products are above FDA standards, why none is approved by FDA?

Raul   Manila

5:14am on May 30th, 2014 

Business and competition with health products make the people confused about the truth. I have watch once the video info of USANA. To start as an associate is 3 things, to buy the product, use them and share what you experience with the product. This health supplement "USANA" have died long time ago if have not prove anything to the people. I only use the product not with business. It has amazing result with me. Those in doubt you may try it by yourself and to share what you experience. Good health to all of us..

Usana disappoints   United States

12:50am on February 23rd, 2014 

Dreadful company that puts unnatural ingredients in their "pharma grade" products. Look at the ingredients. Almost none are natural. Usana sellers tend to know nothing about their products. They just babble about some book written by Lyle who used to work for Usana. Their medical advisory board is on a paid stipend. The Linus Pauling Institute gets grants from them. Is there anyone that recommends them that isn't financially entangled with them? Probably not many! Almost everything online that is positive towards Usana is from Usana distributors and Usana itself that often helps its distributors set up what looks like unbiased websites offering their opinions. This is an extremely deceptive company! They, like many unscrupulous MLM companies are situated in Utah which has laws in place that welcome them there because those laws make it very difficult to sue them.

Darren   Missouri, USA

11:40am on January 10th, 2014 

MLM - success and failure is based on the individual and the training that they receive. One personís attitude is not necessarily the attitude of a whole industry. I have been with Usana as an inactive Associate for a few years. My lack of failure is on me. Not the company.
If you did into the policies and procedures you will see a solid, legitimate and moral company.

Kathy Depra   Dallas Texas

10:07am on January 8th, 2014 

USANA is a big scam. Nothing good comes out of it. I was taken to a meeting once. The location for the meeting itself was a bit sketchy and questionable it was not in the best area especially at night if you catch my drift. I got there and was there with about 10 other people. They all had regular BASIC jobs most waiters or working behind the counter at some average paying job. The type of people were either really young or mid 40s with no good income/career going for themselves. I was a little bit disappointed in what I saw after hearing all the hype. The place the amount of people and the amount of interest... I just wasn't feeling it. At the end the man giving the presentation asked what I thought I pretty much told him I wasn't interested. He didn't "wow" me at all. He talked more about the money then the actual products. After telling him with all do respect I can not find the time to invest in this Business he then kinda looked the other way and walked off. I have a couple of friends still in the Business and when I am ever brought up I'm looked at as someone who "takes you away from succeeding" in their eyes. Why? Well I guess it was because I wasn't interested. It's also kind of hilarious and almost entertaining seeing how these "usana distributors" are when you question their Business just like you should always question anything your about to invest your time and money into it's like questioning them is almost insulting to them the amount of defensiveness makes me laugh. These people are way too pushy for comfort. I wouldn't waste one penny on this place. I've done my research. If I were to ever meet Dr Wentz I would never criticize him but actually congratulate on being such a successful Business owner. THIS IS BUSINESS PEOPLE. Let's not stray away from the definition of a Business. You tell the people what they want to hear to accomplish what you need to in the end. dr Wentz isn't anything but an amazing Business owner. His strategies and tactics are far from amazing look how many people he has working and doing the dirty work for him now as he parades around preaching this useless never true but maybe 5% theories on getting wealthy with a no 9-5 basic job. He's a beyond intelligent man.

jeff   california

5:54pm on December 12th, 2013 

ok I will go fair, I know you guys are great people and successful in the business so far. Lets say that the product is good or great but can I ask a simple question and just answer it honestly. How many of your down lines quit? Just give a percentage of what we can say FAILURES. When I got the answers I will give a simple thing to make things best for every body.

Caroline   Maple Ridge BC

2:30pm on November 22nd, 2013 

USANA goes above FDA, if you have done any real research aside from checking other people's blogs that have no knowledge of the real business of USANA. They adhere to pharmaceutical standards, which is milestones above FDA which allows a certain amount of contamination and what it says on the bottle doesn't really have to be true about what is in each pill. Pharmaceutical means that what it claims on the bottle MUST be true. every pill is exactly the same, where FDA you may have more in one pill than another.
As in every business there are good people and bad, it's unfortunate if you came across bad associates. USANA products are tested by reputable outside organizations like consumerlab.com and they always confirm what USANA claims. I know that I wouldn't put anything else in my body as it's easy to feel a difference when you actually pay attention to your body instead of coming into it with a negative attitude and expect some kind of magic to happen and change your whole life. Cheap vitamins equal cheap health. Take what you want, let's sit down again in 50 years when I'm still running around enjoying life and those that wanted to save money and have a victim attitude are in their walkers and wheelchairs spending hundreds of dollars on medications. Want to build a solid USANA business? Put in the work. You don't sign up and expect money to fall into your hands. And people in your downline can make more money than you if they want to put in more effort, and same goes for you making more than those in your upline. Fair playing field for those that want to play. Love life and live it.

husayn   vancouver

12:49am on November 10th, 2013

How is it some people dont have any common sense?
MLM is not a scam helping others help themselves is not a scam when you help others build their business you are helping yourself they are getting a head and you are getting a head. Building a network of people duplicating what you do buying and consuming the products yourself and showing others to do the same and also do sales. Where can you go and start a business for a few hundred dollars? It is like any business it is not a get rich scheme you have to be positive and a go getter. People have to know,like and trust you. You are looking to build genuine friendships and business partners it is a team effort you reach the top faster as a team rather than being by yourself. You have to be genuinely wanting to promote a healthy lifestyle you cannot just pop vitamins and expect to be healthy you need to eat well and exercise it is a lifestyle change plus from business point of view you are evolving and changing becoming more tardy, more mindful of your money ect. You cannot just go cold turkey and quit you job it takes time you need your job so you can keep reinvesting into you business your goal is to get to a point where you can work part time then eventually leave your job you have to have goals and dream big

Rose   Caloocan

3:15am on October 11th, 2013 

USANA products are EXCEPTIONAL! My husband and I are new associates and I must say, before, I was also one of the many close-minded & skeptical people in the world when it comes to MLM but when USANA nutritionals was introduced to me everything changed. I am a mother of 3 girls and my mother died of leukemia. It was this realization that made a change of heart for me. It was never the business opportunity that made me believed in USANA coz like most people with employee & poor mindset; I was afraid to get out of my comfort zone. I myself have tried USANA nutritionals: essentials, biomega, proflavanol c100 for that matter & it made wonders coz all the diseases that has made my body weak (migraine, asthma, heart ailment & the fear of developing leukemia coz of anemia) are all controlled now as if I'm a new person. To all those negative people on the efficacy of the nutritionals I pity u coz u lack the heart to BELIEVE! My motivation in doing the USANA business is way out of my comfort zone, all I believed in are the benefits of the products that can DO HELP A LOT OF PEOPLE BEING RUBBED OF ENJOYING A HEALTHY LIFE WITH THEIR LOVED ONES. MLM in general is way out different from PYRAMIDING; lack of knowledge & educating urself in any buss one gets into makes a lot of people victims to scammers bcoz in reality most people become greedy when it told about how to get EASY MONEY. MLM is a business that needs hardwork like any kind of employee work or buss. 1 should act on it. If u fail as a network marketer then its ur fault not the company u represent. Lastly, this is what I can say to those who are negative about USANA associates: not all of us focuses on the money we can earn, we are not forcing people to join us to make money out of them. Most of us just go and spread Dr. Myron Wentz' vision of having a healthy world; a healthy life lived at its fullest w/c denegenerative diseases. Most of the USANA associates BELIEVED BECAUSE WE WANT TO HELP, if in case those people who have met the opposite it is that individual you should be saying those "bad" comments & not ALL the USANA community. I leave you this: Hebrews 4:12

shei   Philippines

4:45am on September 8th, 2013

Both business and products are great.

Open mind   Philippines

9:02am on August 14th, 2013

USANA is a great company. Wondering why is so negative about it. Have you tried the products? Have you studied and researched about it? Or are you angry because you dont have the will to start your own business? Many people are close minded that they question things without understanding first. Maybe, its better if you start making. And finding ways to earn your money NOW than just saying negative things about this company. As they say, people are afraid of what they dont know. So, these people are afraid of accepting the fact that USANA is a great company because they DONT REALLY KNOW WHAT IS IN STORE FOR THEM!!!

Poor people stay poor because they are satisfied of what they have right now and living by the day NOT EVEN THINKING IF THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO EAT TOMORROW!!!

For you negative people, good luck with your future. :) i hope many people will be open minded soon ..God bless!

T   California

12:27pm on July 29th, 2013 

Amen, James Phil.

Its what you make of it.

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