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About Unlock Your Luck

Unlock Your Luck is a new website which acts as an introduction for users who are new to penny auction sites, explaining to them the basics and giving them a chance to test out the format for themselves.

When you arrive at UnlockYourLuck.com, you are automatically given “free tokens” to use on the limited auctions available on their website. These tokens will expire within 24 hours so you are encouraged to use them right away.

Once you “insert a token” on an auction item you are interested in, the price of that item increases by one penny, and that token is considered used and cannot be returned to you, regardless of whether you win or lose the item. If you win the item, you will be required to pay the final auction price, as well as Shipping and Handling, to receive it.

In their “How It Works” section of the website, there is a statement which clearly states, “There is only one charge associated with using our Unlock Your Lock: paying for an item you’ve won,” (my italics). But unfortunately, this is not true.

The reality of this website is that it is a portal website for the penny auction site, ZBiddy. And though you might pay only one fee to Unlock Your Luck, once you’ve won an item, all of your account information will be automatically transferred over to ZBiddy, and an account will be created for you there.

According to people who have used Unlock Your Luck, registering for an account at ZBiddy results in an automatic charge on your credit card of $79. This transfer of information and the resulting charge is not clearly outlined on their website.

In fact, because their “How It Works” section actually emphasizes the fact that you will only ever pay one charge to Unlock Your Luck, they are directly misleading people who then end up upset, with complaints about how Unlock Your Luck is a scam, and not at all legit.

Penny auctions are an extremely controversial topic; some people consider them an entertaining way to purchase items, while others think they are deceptive – a covert form of gambling, with some sites being accused of using bidding bots to raise auction prices. For more information, look at our article “Penny Auctions Not Always a Bargain.”

If you have any experience with this website, please leave your Unlock Your Luck reviews below.

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22 ‘Unlock Your Luck’ Reviews
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Not happy

Reviewed By Sarah Jones  on November 29, 2013, Muncie

I am upset that they charged me $79.00 and I only bid a penny.
I want it off my card or I will take other actions. Not fair and very decitful.
I did not know what I was doing. Very unfair.

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Upset and ready to sue
December 02, 2013

I fell for the yap your $79.00 trick a few days ago and tried to get in contact with these crooked people but to no avail. My money comes from my being on Disability and I am not very knowledgeable about how to go about undoing what's happened. I went from so-called just only being billed a penny from my account which I thought was pretty small and safe to being robbed for an extra $79.00 that I had no intention on spending. Being on a fixed income I do not have any money whatsoever to waste. Besides writing these words to tell everyone else not to fall for the Okey doke I really don't know what else to do. However, I know what not to do now. Unlock your luck is garbage! Do Not Ever Trust Them! I am presently hoping to find a lawyer that will take this case of mine and help me get my money back and possibly help everyone else they've robbed by putting Unlock Your Luck out of business!

December 19, 2013

if you find some one to sue them please let me know because they did the same thing to me and im on disabilty with a 10 year grand darughter my email is obarrcheryl@yahoo.com

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beware this site charges credit card without permission

Reviewed By Rip offed on November 7, 2013, Florida

Was offered this site thu PHC, a charge was added to my charge card after receiving free tokens from PCH. Won two items and proceeded to check out with a 79.00 charge added without my permission, needs to be reported.

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November 19, 2013

You bet it's a scam, some of my friends had use penny auctions and they had good results and were happy. unfortunately, I picked the wrong one. I was on ZBiddy, looked legit, tried it with one of my "free" tokens, won the gift card, then the screen went to my invoice and i had been charged $79.00 for this so called Unlock your luck. not once did the information say anything about this charge. STAY AWAY from this site. going thru my credit card company to dispute the charge

December 19, 2013

they took the money and i dont get anything can not even get in contac with them

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Reviewed By Shannon on October 2, 2013, Nashville, AR

I went on this website because I was taking a paid survey and didn't have any idea that I would get hit for 84.00. Tried calling the company and got some guy that I couldn't understand about 60 percent of what he was saying. He just kept saying the same thing over and over again and me telling him I wanted my money back. Offered me the gas voucher which I refused. I kept telling him I wanted to speak to someone over him and he actually put me on hold and CAME BACK with his same speech and told me it would be so many days before someone could get back to me.............blah blah blah. I got no where. I hung up and called my credit card company which then has to block my card and issue me a new one. Might get my 84.00 back after they conduct THEIR investigation. UGH!

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October 19, 2013

I agree, BIGGG SCAMMMM. It froze my computer even after I oput in the CC info. I am callin my CC company now to complain

November 30, 2013

they just charged me $79 a for penny. totally scam

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Yes! You all saved me

Reviewed By Martha on September 23, 2013

I came to this site and saved my $. It didn't look right so I googled and learned before I paid for the card the SCAM. Thank you everyone.

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Reviewed By Mary on September 10, 2013, Pittsburgh

I fell for the same thing. I had people telling me that its heat, but its not. They charged me $79 for a bid package that I never asked for. I just don't want them wiping my account clean. Thats what I'm really afraid of. I'm going to call my bank tomorrow and call Zbiddy and demand a refund and have them cancel my account immediately! This isn't what I signed up for. DO NOT ever make an account on that site. Its a total scam!

PS. Have they wiped out any accounts before or do they only take the $79?

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Lois Driggers
September 11, 2013

I fell for the same thing.I can not get on their website or get anywhere near them.I can't find any where they have charged me. My paypal account has not been charged yet since 9/10/13 I have had no email to confirm buying it.In general.I have been ignored.I will check back later for any new devlopments

Skip Royeton
October 26, 2013

I think I may have lucked out. I entered all the information on the Purchase page. The thing is, the idiotic program refused to accept my address and zip code. I went back and deleted all of the information. Thank you everybody. I thought there was something wrong when they refused to provide a way to contact them!

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