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Udemy.com is an online learning environment used by and created for both instructors and students. Courses available on their site cover an array of subjects including: programming, design, entrepreneurship, photography, health, fitness, language, arts and much more.

Anyone who is interested in creating a course for Udemy can use the resources available on the site to plan, build, publish, and promote their course. Many learning tools can be integrated into the course including videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDF’s, audio zip files and even live classes.

On Udemy.com there is an instructor community for guidance and advice on how to set up your course. The Udemy Facebook group is another way to gain insight and engage with other instructors. Resources on the Udemy website provide many useful tools including a course creation checklist, best practices, and ways to integrate social media and affiliate links to promote your course.

By subscribing to their instructor newsletter you will receive emails with effective teaching methods and resources to help you expand upon your current course material and create new courses as well.

Submitting a course is free for instructors, these courses are checked for quality before they are published on the site. If you choose to charge a fee for your course, you may price it in between $5.00-$250.00. You are hired on as a freelancer and paid 70% of the earnings from the course. Each course’s intellectual property belongs solely to that instructor. There is a potential to make a lot of money through Udemy’s website if you create a course that engages students with materials to accommodate different learning styles.

Students who register on Udemy.com have access to 1000’s of free online courses and may take the fee-based courses if they choose to do so. If a student is not satisfied with a course they paid for, they may request a full refund within 30 days of signing up for that course. Each course and its materials are accessible to the student indefinitely which enables them to refer back to the material for further comprehension or reviewing what they have already learned.

There are differences between Udemy.com and one of its competitor’s sites, Lynda.com. Lynda.com is subscription based for students; instructors receive royalties based on the number of students who complete the course. Lynda.com also has stricter guidelines for the instructors who wish to provide courses on their site; they require that documentation be submitted to confirm their teaching credentials.

Since Lynda.com is a subscription based site, students may only access the courses for the duration of their membership plan. Another difference is that Lynda.com is geared toward those who are interested in learning technical skills. Udemy.com delivers a wealth of courses in different subjects; they basically offer courses on any topic that can be taught to students.

If you can’t afford to go to a university, you may be able to use online courses to further your career, sharpen your skills or use them to change career fields. The best part is that you can do so at a fraction of the cost of college tuition. Some training courses are available online for free on non-subscription based internet sites. Depending on what your goal is and what you wish to achieve, online courses can open your future to new opportunities.

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1 Review

Double charges and a recurring charges I never authorized

Reviewed By L.A. Stevens on July 14, 2014

Until today I have been happy with Udemy and suggested others go there. Today I found many months (from Feb. to June) in double charges and unauthorized recurring charges I never authorized.

I tried to call the company and found their phone number listed with the credit card company is no longer in service. I have written to the company but have received no immediate response.

I have no choice but turn this in to my bank to have them contest and reverse the charges.

I will never send anyone here again. I have taken my credit cards from their service in the hope they will no longer make any unauthorized charges. I have paid for classes I have yet to take so I will not cancel my account before taking them. However, IF I WERE YOU, I WOULD NOT TRUST THEM WITH MY credit card. Take their free classes only.

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1 Review

Pretty decent

Reviewed By Simone Early on May 24, 2014, Stafford, Virginia

Ive used the app and the website. There are a variety of courses to choose from and several instructors. Id suggest researching the instructors and look at reviews by students who took the class. You can add items to a wishlist and wait for sales to buy (usually before a holiday weekend) or sometimes even get it free. Ive received some decent information for a fair price this way. If there are codes in the sales make sure you enter them to get the reduced rate. So far ive had a good experience in all of my classes ive purchased. But read to see what the prerequisites are before buying. Some require you to have or buy software.

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Be careful before you buy

Reviewed By Nadia SL on February 10, 2014

It depends on the class you buy. Some teachers are very good at wxplaining the materials; however, some teachers talks a lot of non sense. Review and do research before you buy.

Be careful when you buy through the Udemy app. The price is listed differently than from the website. And both the apple store and Udemy won't reinburst your money. I took a class called Create cutout animation which was listed on sale for 9.99 through the Udemy app. Apple charged me 39.99. I contacted the App Store and they stated they cannot return the difference as well as directing me to contact Udemt. To my surprise, Udemy stated they cannot pay me back the difference either.

I want to make sure this DOES NOT happen to anyone else. I recommend Udemy but not the Udemy app!!!

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July 19, 2014

Yikes! I've never bought a course via the app. I always go through the website and always use paypal, which i'd also recommend as another reviewer has mentioned extra charges.

So far, by taking those precautions i've had a good experience with udemy so far.

Some courses are good, others are meh. The quality varies widely. Be sure to read the student reviews for an idea.

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