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About Uber.com

Uber.com is a popular mobile app which allows people in various metropolitan areas across the US and eighteen other countries to request a wide variety of rides and pay for them from their phone.

According to that website, it only takes “one tap to ride.” Uber will use your phone’s GPS to find your location and connects you with the closest available driver. This allows you get picked up anywhere, even if you are unsure of the address.

The entire process on Uber is completely cashless. When you initially sign up for your account, you will place a credit card on file and after you arrive at your destination, your fare will be automatically charged to your card on file, and no tip is necessary.

In addition, if other people on your ride also use this app, you can choose the option to split the fare, and Uber.com will automatically split the fare evenly between all Uber members’ cards. All users will also be emailed a receipt.

The website also promises “clear pricing,” saying that you can view all general rates by your city, as well as input your pickup and drop off locations to get a fare quote in advance before you book.

Finally, you can also choose your ride experience by choosing the type of car. UberX is similar to a ride share, like their competitor Lyft, and uses “everyday cars,” or you can choose to limit your rides to taxis, like their competitor Hailo.

Or you can choose a “Black” car, the original Uber ride, which is a standard, black sedan, or an SUV, and finally, a luxury car. UberX is their most affordable choice, and the luxury sedans their most pricey.

And at the end of your Uber experience, you can go onto the app and both rate your driver, as well as give a review of your personal feedback for future users to read and be aware of.

If you have any experience with this mobile app, please leave your Uber.com reviews below.

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UBER Driver Rating Scam

Reviewed By E.G. Kreiser on March 12, 2016

The UBER system is by and large a good service however the company constantly lies to their drivers about their "performance" in what they call reviews from both sides (driver and passenger). The fact is that on one hand they tell you not to be concerned about the rating system and then they turn around and slam you with what they call consistently poor ratings. I my case I worked for them for four weeks and maintained a 4.5 out of 5.0 rating as depicted on their app information for my account. I was terminated for low performance and when I asked for an explanation of these so called poor reviews the company refused to provide it. y advise to anyone considering a career with UBER is to run as fast as you can in the other direction and not subject yourself to this kind of abuse. Work for LYFT or some other ride service.

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Uber driver

Reviewed By Dot wiggins on January 17, 2016

You will not make any money driving for uber. I still cannot figure out how they calculate the pay. My calculation of the pay scale is much different from what they actually pay you. For instance......the fare was a total of $31.70. I had to pay a toll of $1.50. My cut was $18.70. That was for driving 27 miles to a destination. Then I had to drive 30 miles back home. It took 2 hours at rush hour. Tell me how that is a 75% cut. You have no recourse because you cannot speak with anyone. Your car will be ruined! Oh yes....do not expect a tip. Uber discourages tipping. I only received one tip and that was from an adorable 15 year old. The adults never tip.

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credit card hackers

Reviewed By amy n. on December 16, 2014

My credit card account was some how hacked/obtained and fraudulently used through UBER technologies in California. I had charges on my statement exceeding $1000.00. Unbelievable, no personal information/confirmation of identity must have been sought. I hope your company management and your drivers get to experience the other side of fraud at some point. All you had to do is verify identity. But no, you didn't. Unsavory business practice. I hope you gave great rides to nice people in California - as i was home in Minnesota.

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June 02, 2015

Uber doesn't use the proper Insurrence. If your in an accident, you won't be covered. They will try to turn the claim in under regular Insurrence which is Insurrence fraud. You will need a lawyer.

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