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The Trim Down Club, located at, was established by professional, certified nutritionists and dietitians as a place anyone can come to get the necessary tools and information to lose weight and keep it off.

The Trim Down Club will teach you how to eliminate the “bad” stuff from your everyday diet and replace it with the good stuff, whether your goal is to lose weight, gain strength and energy, or just all around feel better.

The program and tools promoted on Trim Down Club are based on proven ways to lose weight, and not on fad diets or by starving yourself. The club is designed for regular people who are just looking for simple tools and support to lose the weight and keep it off.

The Trim Down Club does not emphasize calorie counting, but rather puts all the focus on portion control and eating whole fresh foods rather than highly processed foods and refined sugars.

You can begin the Trim Down Club program as soon as you get access to the Quick Guide, though the website says it is important that you take the necessary time to go through all the helpful tools to get the best possible benefits.

According to, the typical results of this diet include seeing weight loss within one month, downsizing clothes within six months, and even help re-starting weight loss within a few weeks of the dreadful plateau that all diets reach.

To join Trim Down Club, you must pay a one time fee of $47 to get the Quick Start Guide, the Trim Down Main Program, the Trim Down Club Cookbook, the Guide to Food Shopping the Proper Way, and all the available online tools.

And since Trim Down Club is a Clickbank product, they offer a 60 Day Refund Policy if you are unhappy with what you receive. 

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155 ‘Trim Down Club’ Reviews
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Reviewed By Rosemary Thorburn on August 28, 2013, Scotland

I cancelled my membership soon after joining when I realised that many of the foods on the menus were not readily available in Scotland and I was not prepared to search for suppliers online. Although they offered me an upgrade which I did not want, my money was refunded back into my account within a matter of days.

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October 18, 2013


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Horses for courses

Reviewed By Ampers on August 18, 2013, London UK

It is, and it isn't a borderline scam.

You can get the information on the net, providing you have the time AND YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR.

The people running the club have done the research, brought all the relevant information into one website.

They are dishonourable from the point of view that they won't refund your money.

So, to boil it down, if you are a busy person willing to pay others to do your research for you because you are making more money elsewhere, then this could be a good time saver.

Let me give you an example. If you do your research on this subject, then search for the information, and it takes you five hours in total, and this is before you study up on what you have to do, and you earn over $8,000 dollars (£5,000) a month, you are losing money researching yourself and it may be worth subscribing.

However, if you are unemployed or on low wages, but are a motivated person) it could still be worth your while to bypass this club.

If you are unemployed or on low wages, but are are NOT a motivated person) you might find it worth your while to join this club.

I hope others might find this useful.

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August 24, 2013

any information about health, nutrition and especially weight loss that comes with a sales pitch should always be ignored. the internet is filled with free information. don't get duped by these clowns. also, notice how the positive comments have unrealistic helpful ratios and the honest / negative comments have ridiciculously low approval ratings. this is great manipulation. bottom line: don't pay for information that is available for free.

August 29, 2013

I find your review helpful but cannot tick the box

September 08, 2013

The reviewer before you had her money refunded with no quibble. Why then do you write that they won't refund your money?

September 14, 2013

Maybe the sixty days had already passed.

September 26, 2013 don't actually know who wrote that review.

April 20, 2014

Sweet review... If you got the dough to blow, do so...

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Sounds like a 'KEEPER,

Reviewed By Bill on June 27, 2013, Westland, Michigan

Sounds very sensible! I am a paraplegic and can't move my lower body parts easily! I have experienced a guaranteed program!

This sounds really like it will work! I will join today!!!

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S Savoie
July 14, 2013

Trim Down Club is a did not work and they refuse to answer my e-mails for my refund....huge scam...after you pay $47...which is really $ turns into $64 more in order to get all the benefits...the results....FAILURE...and no refund like they promised....Don't fall for this scam like I did ....grrr...

July 23, 2013

I watched the video 5 foods to avoid for diating. But it had more pitch on buying membership than helping people what not to eat. This is totally commercial and site. I would not get into scam like this!!!

Lela Campbell
August 07, 2013

I also watched the video and no it was not a "totally commercial" video...It gives you three foods to avoid and why...then it tells you things you should know about what you are actually putting into your body and why you should not and how these Chemically induced food products are basically killing you...!!!..then it starts to explain their method of help and the tools you would be getting THEN they gave you the last two items not to eat and why....I thought it was extremely informative and well on mark for the outrageous amount of obesity in this country...NOT other countries...OUR county...

August 24, 2013

It IS a totally Commercial video. The information in it can be gotten anywhere for free with a little research into proper nutrition. Anyone who says it isn't Commercial is definitely working for TTDC. I am glad I don't live in the same "county" that Lela lives in..

July 12, 2014

Jackie, as soon as you are brutal, you yourself will make a typo!

Lela's review was very good!

Why are we supposed to gasp with horror that something we have read is an advertising commercial? Having I missed something along the way?

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total rubbish from a marketing company

Reviewed By Craig Murray on June 23, 2013, Belfast

I first watched the video about 5 foods you shouldn't eat and they list whole-wheat bread as one of them but then a few minutes later they tell you how good it is for you..They have some basic information but they really don't know what they're talking about; this is nothing but a marketing company and any diets you get from their systems will be nothing but generic meal plans so not really tailored to the individual..if this is what you want then you can easily Google 'healthy meal plans' and get this for free..This will not work for most people unless you really know what you're doing. I guess you can join and then pay more to actually have a nutritionist but the way they go about this is dishonest and misleading, you're better off going to an independent nutritionist and getting a personal service if you really want to succeed.

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June 28, 2013

I think you are confused in the video it stated Whole Wheat Bread as being bad due to the high carbs and what is better is Whole Grain Bread. It's different.

July 04, 2013

Whole Wheat is a whole grain

July 06, 2013

It is you who dont know what you are talking about. Sorry. I am in the health industry and trained in food and nutrition. I can also personally attest to this info being true and working. Do your homework before you post negative comments like this. Not everyone out there is just there for greed!

July 07, 2013

He's right about the wholemeal bread though! I thought the same.

July 07, 2013

I believe you miss heard (understood) something. I heard we should eat whole grain breads. I watch the Doctor shows and they give the same advice.

I think this program will be helpful to many, easy to adapt to and cheaper than that book. I've been changing my eating habits for years on my own. I recently lost 40 lbs. with a health aid, I've maintained my weight loss with following what I've learned through the years."Some of the advice offered from this program."

If you can not afford the program ask a couple of friends to co-join with you. Net work - it will encourage you and it's usually more fun in partnerships.

July 26, 2013

God help us when we have health problems and honestly just want to find out what to eat and what not to eat. Everyone says something completely the opposite from everyone else. Some say this program is a scam and others say it's good. I can't believe anyone, can't cook, have no recipes to try if I could cook. I have heart disease, horrible water retention (about 36 pounds of water). The medications ruin your other organs, and there is no real help anywhere. Even if I could eat all salads, it would be bad for me. Now what?????!!!!!

July 26, 2013

I'll tell you now what! fuggeddaboudit

July 26, 2013

If you haven't joined and tried it out, you're not in a really good position to make a judgement.

August 09, 2013

I joined and tried it out and it is not the easiest to do. They don't tell you all you need to know in the video. I even asked for my money back all they did was up grade my plan. WOW!!!!!! this is not a total scam but it is on the boarder line of a scam. They know what they are doing to get your money. BE SMART AND SAVE YOUR MONEY. They are into selling you stuff not helping you as they are saying. And something else. There are people working for them and all these companies that put things on these response pages to make them look good and get your money. My advice is this. Get yourself a juicer and juice and RUN FROM THIS WEB SITE, I wish I had I would still have my money.

Carl Baxter
September 08, 2013

If you bought through Click Bank you can request your money back if you have been in the program less than 60 days.. I have never had a problem with Click Bank when I have requested a refund.

October 18, 2013


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Just getting started, hence a mixed review

Reviewed By Sandra Whitney on June 13, 2013, Massachusetts

I just purchased my first IPhone and tried the free app "myfitnesspal". I also tried it online and from that site I saw a blug about the five foods to avoid, so I clicked and found myself on the new site. I thought it was part of myfitnesspal but after viewing the informative video, reading all about it, and seeing it would cost a one time fee of $47 I realized it was an add from the free site I was working on (and enjoying, helping me calculate my foods daily).

I joined because I have family members who are involved in nuitrition, have been on a lot of diets over the years, and do know that most of the additives, preservatives, sugar, white flour products, and genetically enhanced foods are killing us, sloooooooooowly. I like that this site will give me alternatives with combinations of healthy protein mixed with healthy carbs in recipes that fit the foods I like to eat. I am starting today, with 25 lbs of fat to lose. I will let you all know how I am doing in two weeks. For the price, it doesn't sound bad. I know the facts listed are sound so here goes. A lot cheaper that Weight Watchers and that program doesn't promote avoidence of chemically based foods, (just look at their prepackaged food they sell)! It certainly cost so much more.

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Michelle Borland
June 14, 2013

I'm not sure, whet hurt to join, or if it is a scam, I've lost money before, so any comments about the trim down club would be helpful ,Please!

Josephine Hernandez
June 21, 2013

I learned the 5 foods not to eat , which some were a surprise. I normally don't like to pay out money especially when the word scam came up when I entered Trim down club. The video did not let me move on, so that's a wake up call.

Debbie B.
July 11, 2013

I checked with the better business bureau and it is a credited company

August 24, 2013

Now read about the BBB..they, themselves are one of the biggest scams around. Companies pay to be listed with them and they pay plenty! People who are not in business for themselves do not know this and unfortunately put false trust in the BBB.

September 28, 2013

That is the truth. The BBB exists to help businesses, not consumers. Consumers are mislead to believe that the BBB acts to help police businesses. In fact, the opposite is true. The BBB removes and destroys consumer complaints and calls them "Resolved" without ever contacting and confirming that a resolution was reached with the consumer that filed the complaint. Unless each consumer renews and re-files their complaint every 30 days, their complaint will be removed and labeled Resolved, when in fact no resolution ever took place.

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