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The Trim Down Club, located at, was established by professional, certified nutritionists and dietitians as a place anyone can come to get the necessary tools and information to lose weight and keep it off.

The Trim Down Club will teach you how to eliminate the “bad” stuff from your everyday diet and replace it with the good stuff, whether your goal is to lose weight, gain strength and energy, or just all around feel better.

The program and tools promoted on Trim Down Club are based on proven ways to lose weight, and not on fad diets or by starving yourself. The club is designed for regular people who are just looking for simple tools and support to lose the weight and keep it off.

The Trim Down Club does not emphasize calorie counting, but rather puts all the focus on portion control and eating whole fresh foods rather than highly processed foods and refined sugars.

You can begin the Trim Down Club program as soon as you get access to the Quick Guide, though the website says it is important that you take the necessary time to go through all the helpful tools to get the best possible benefits.

According to, the typical results of this diet include seeing weight loss within one month, downsizing clothes within six months, and even help re-starting weight loss within a few weeks of the dreadful plateau that all diets reach.

To join Trim Down Club, you must pay a one time fee of $47 to get the Quick Start Guide, the Trim Down Main Program, the Trim Down Club Cookbook, the Guide to Food Shopping the Proper Way, and all the available online tools.

And since Trim Down Club is a Clickbank product, they offer a 60 Day Refund Policy if you are unhappy with what you receive. 

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150 ‘Trim Down Club’ Reviews
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Reviewed By m.cornwell on June 3, 2013, uk

don't think I will bother sounds very iffy to me m.cornwell

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June 08, 2013

How can you review it without trying it!?

Josephine Hernandez
June 21, 2013

My husband is a diabetic and is on dialysis so I go by his diet which is so familiar with the 5 foods and more information which I already have.

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Pays off

Reviewed By Betsy DiLonghi  on May 28, 2013, Scranton

I see they’re finally adding a lot of new recipes, which I’d been waiting for since I joined at the end of 2012. I really did only pay once, and I have access to the whole program since last December. So far, it has cost me less than $7 a month to belong and it’s still going on. If its a scam which it isn’t, its a pretty cheap one.

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July 05, 2013

It looks pretty inviting to join. But I read all the fine print and found that it is based in Israel. Arbitration will be in Israel if needed, and you pay half the cost of arbitration and all of your own attorney fees. For $47...what would I need to contest? That scares me to be buying from a company that doesn't have an office in the U.S. Israel??? Really?

July 16, 2013

Good point!! What happens to our data - address, payment details? I am not joining just because of that!!

Real World AL
July 20, 2013

Really that paranoid?... Then the on-line world isn't for you.

July 26, 2013

Ridiculous comments!

July 27, 2013

I don't think that the price is an indication of whether its a scam or not the point is they are charging for something freely available by pitching it in such a way that they want people to believe they are unique. It is a con because other companies give the basic info for free if you want to purchase books etc they charge but they are scammers,.preying on the desperation and vulnerability of people

Lela Campbell
August 07, 2013

Other companies DO NOT give you squat fro free....I believe this is well on target to get this lazy overweight country to do something besides eat and die....

August 09, 2013

Lela how much are they paying you to say all these nice things about this company????? I see you are making good comments on several complaints from people. I joined this company 4 months ago. I tried it and did it, the items they say to use are not easy to find in some areas as mine. I asked for my money back like they say you can, all they did was up grade my plan with no other response from them. They don't back up from sending e-mails to sell you something. This program is well on target alright, TAKE YOUR MONEY AND RUN with it. This is a boarder line scam. And IF you are working for them, SHAME ON YOU.

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Money-making scam from a media company

Reviewed By Vik on May 26, 2013

Trim Down Club is not a site you want to pay to join. Visit sites like Sparkpeople or FitDay and join for free. You’ll receive a dedicated set of tools and millions of supporters. Trim Down Club appears to be nothing more than a money-making scam from a media company and a bad scam at that.

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Jackie Leven
May 28, 2013

This review was taken from a review on another page. It would help if all the people critical of the program and looking to bring the company under would actually try the program for them selves...

Vik, there's no way in hell you tried any of the programs you recommend, let alone the Trim Down Club program!

It's not hard to see what's going on here, a bunch of shady reviews. Please define to all of us what a scam is. Because the last time I checked their plan was nutritionally sound and they have many happy members that are offended and tired or these false comments!

I've lost weight using there plan, but that's not the true beauty behind the Trim Down Club. The beauty lies within the friendships I've built.

If you have doubt than you haven't researched or tried the program helping so many people.

BTW if you sign up for these free programs you speak of that we all have tried, you get bombarded with spam mail and advertisements.

It's better to pay $47 and get everything you need to live healthier!

June 05, 2013

I read on another forum that these are examples of meals...
" I don’t know the last time you had a snack which consisted of:

1 cup of Tea, Black
1 ounce of Tuna, Canned in Water
1/2 cup of Shredded Wheat
1 large Orange

Or invited people round for dinner, and served them:

1/4 tsp of Mustard
1 100% Whole Grain/Wholemeal Roll
1 cup of Kale
3 ounces of Salmon?"

I don't usually eat this stuff, besides the portions would not fill me up. The whole introductory presentation was about not starving...O_o

July 07, 2013

Adjust this program for yourself. Perhaps: start by eating a larger portion of the suggested portion.When your stomach shrinks try hard to recolonize that feeling, Try harder to fight the urge to re-stretch your stomach. That was difficult for me to control.... but eventually I did. Do not give up, keep trying until you and your body accept the change. Search the Program for meals you like or can tolerate. Eventually you will adjust, If you don't start some place you will stay the same.

My girl friend wanted to exercise with us (we were all extremely over weight) I mean 250 and over - she was very heavy. to develop the strength to exercise
she started walking 30 too 50 steps a day eventually she was able to walk for longer periods and she began exercising with us sitting in a chair. Don't give up and do not let excuses control your progress to a new you. Bye

July 26, 2013

The meals, even using smaller portions, than I would normally eat, are very satisfying. I have lost weight and already feel much healthier.

August 09, 2013

good for you whisker, try juicing also it is great. Just get you a juicer and fresh veggies and fruits juice them Wow, also there are sites free that you can find recipes for all health needs. good luck.

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Planning Made Easy

Reviewed By Melissa Burk on May 23, 2013, Columbus, Ohio

The menus are fabulous, including foods I like. The weight has been coming off and it is staying off this time. I've finally found my ideal plan, not a quick fix!

We also get great support which always helps.

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May 25, 2013

It is not logical. If people only pay $47.00 for life, I don't see how the company could afford to offer services, pay staffers to do research, write articles, answer emails? Is this a charity organization? The whole idea of eating balanced whole foods is a sound one. The support they claim will be ongoing is what gives me pause for thought and for that matter shelling out $1.00 never mind $47.00????

June 16, 2013

Once you join you can actually make one-on-one appointments with their counselors & that's an additional feel. Plus, there are different levels of membership which cost an additional fee. Those extra fees, plus their excellent marketing strategy leverage the costs I'm sure.

S. Smyle
July 19, 2013

I am going to try this. I tried Medical Weight Loss Clinic and it did work, but I was not thrilled that the products that they sell contain Asparetame, and other chemicals that I do not want. Their products are very expensive and the join for $20.00 was never offered. I had to join for $341.00 for 12 weeks!! I did lose weight but I was always in the kitchen trying to make what they wanted me to eat and using their products at $16.00 per box of 7 items was costing me too much on a pension. Healthy carbs and the right protein is the way to go.

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32 pounds lighter!

Reviewed By Good Chap on May 21, 2013

At the exchange rate of $1.50 (USD) to 1 Pound (GBP), I lost about 32 pounds on this deal, but haven't lost any weight.

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Nick Greenfield
May 24, 2013

The 32 pounds or 47 $ you mentioned - the cost of the program - seems quite alright for a lifetime source of information. While you’re trying the diet you can always check the information on the site, take some recipe ideas or also get support from the community and also ask any diet / health related questions online. Doesn’t seem like such a bad deal to me.

How long did you try it? I’m already on the program for 5 weeks and its helping me getting back into my old jeans (almost, almost there) ;)

Helen Back
June 07, 2013

You sound like a shill!

Helen Back
June 07, 2013

The shill comment was in response to N. Greenfield's comment, not the OP.

Lo Phat
July 11, 2013

Yes def a shill (accomplice) of the company I think

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