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About Translation Buddy

Translation Buddy is a toolbar browser extension which promises to give its users the ability to translate websites into over 50 different foreign languages with just one simple click of a button.

A browser extension, like a toolbar, is an add-on to your internet search engine. When downloading a browser extension, you usually have to indicate what browser you are using because a toolbar designed for use with Mozilla Firefox likely won’t work for Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Toolbar features broaden your browser’s functionality abilities. For Translation Buddy, specifically, the idea is that this browser add-on will give you the ability to take any website and translate it into one of over 50 foreign languages.

They claim this feature can help you identify other languages, learn new words in a foreign language, and also allow you to install Multilanguage Virtual Keyboards so that you can appropriately type messages in foreign languages.

According to applying this feature to your browser is easily done – you simply download and install the toolbar. There is no registration required, and the toolbar is free to download.

Whenever installing anything new onto your computer, it is imperative to first research whether or not this download has been associated with issues of viruses or malware. Currently there don’t seem to be any reports of the Translation Buddy toolbar being linked to malware.

However, their privacy policy does say that while none of your personal information will ever be shared or sold, some of the information they gather will be provided to their partners in order to offer you advertisements and offers that are relevant to your specific tastes.

At any point after downloading this item you prefer to return to your original browser function, you can find step by step directions at which explain how to return to your original browser settings and uninstall the toolbar.

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