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About Toxic Belly Bug Fix has a wealth of information regarding the bacteria in your stomach and a product to facilitate achieving a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria. Their product contains 50 billion cells of good probiotics, far more than traditional formulas on the market.
Since digestion is the control center of your immune system, food intake plays a significant role in your health. When the bad bacteria take over, you are more prone to infection and sickness. Ingesting healthy bacteria assists with digestion, produces disease-fighting antibodies, and eliminates bad bacteria.
Toxic Belly Bug Fix is an all-natural formulated supplement which does not contain gluten and is allergen-free. It is even backed by FDA accredited third party quality assurance testing. It is formulated with 3 unique probiotics; Bacilus Subtilus which colonizes and reproduces good bacteria to force out the bad, Lactobacillus Salvarious known for its antimicrobial effectiveness; and S. Boulardii which has been long used in the prevention of diarrhea-related gastrointestinal disorders.
There are three purchase options available through their website; each order comes with a free bonus guide, “11 Foods That Kill Your Gut!” 1 bottle costs $49.00, 3 bottles cost $126.00 and a package of 6 bottles costs $204.00. The product comes with a one year 100% money back guarantee.
Reviews show customers initially felt bloated, constipated, and thirsty. After consistent use they felt less bloated, had more energy and an elevated mood. They also realized the products they had been purchasing at the grocery store did not contain live and active cultures. After switching over to the supplement, they felt immediate changes.
Highly advertised probiotic foods have been recognized recently for their aid in the digestion process. Toxic Belly Bug Fix claims that many probiotic products are filled with dead probiotic cells due to excessive heat during the manufacturing process. If you are purchasing a probiotic supplement or an edible product it must contain “live and active cultures” for it to work.
There are some ways to increase the efficiency of your digestion process. Eat a diet rich in fibers and eat less processed foods. Avoid foods full of sugar and/or animal fats. Also note that using antibiotics and stomach acidity stabilizers hinder bacteria in the gut from working efficiently. Taking probiotics daily will aid in maintaining the health of your digestive track.

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