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Tommie Copper, found online at, is a new brand of copper infused compression wear that claims to be able to help anyone of any age improve their daily aches and pains associated with muscle and joint inflammation.

Tommie Copper specializes in compression wear for a variety of joints in your body, from arm sleeves to knee braces to ankle braces to full shirts. They even offer gloves and shorts, so literally no joint is left untreated. Montel Williams, celebrity spokesman for MoneyMutual, is also a representative for Tommie Copper, even recently promoting the brand on the Dr. Oz show.

Copper is believed to be able to treat inflammation, which is the issue behind common joint pain and arthritis pain. It is also believed to help stimulate the immune system, repair injured tissues, and promote healing in general.

In addition to the copper, Tommie Copper claims that their compression wear is better able to provide benefits to their wearers than other compression items due to its actual wearability.

Compression stabilizes muscle tissue, which keeps swelling fibers at a manageable level, and increases oxygen blood flow to the muscles. However, compression wear is only effective when it is being worn, so comfort is a key factor.

Tommie Copper says their products are specially designed to be comfortable so that they can be worn for longer periods of time, therefore giving their wearers the maximum amount of comfort and relief from aches and pains.

Tommie Copper offers a 30 Day Comfort Challenge to new users. If you the item you order does not provide relief within 30 days, you may return the item for a refund, no questions asked.

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244 ‘Tommie Copper’ Reviews
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1 Review

Beware of company ripping off Tommy copper

Reviewed By Elizabeth Buzzelli on August 25, 2014

I ordered--by mistake--from copperware not tommy copper recently, not knowing it is a rip off of tommy copper. I got my order and it wasn't anything like Tommy Copper. The knee braces are too short and they sent me 2 wrong sizes. I understand these braces come from China. Don't be fooled as I was! Make sure which company you're ordering from.

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1 Review

knee sleeve

Reviewed By John Arthur on August 13, 2014, Boomer, West Virginia

I have used the knee sleeve 8 times and the plastic band at the top has cracked and split all the way around and will not stay up now.

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1 Review

I was not a believer

Reviewed By Donald on August 6, 2014

I was not a believer, and considered the whole copper thing as voo doo . I don't know if the knee pain has been lessened because of the support, or the copper, but I have allot less pain. My suggestion is give it a try.

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2 Reviews

Anybod notice

Reviewed By Christopher Burkett on June 17, 2014, Graham, Washington

In the reviews it would seem like ESL is a class not fully completed. For the record Copper is not magic, nor has it ever been cited for health benefits other than it's far healthier to use in piping than led is. So... if you want to buy these compression socks, good on you! If the sardonic jerk who thought these up wants to sell you led infused socks, please don't buy them. These will simply relieve you of your money. Placebo is a powerful feeling, and maybe if you believe hard enough they will work.

Let me beat everyone who has been paid to comment about my ignorance, so here goes!

You dnt evin try to socks, tommy coper did this for all of every one! But thes scocks thy will fix you! Make thes good for yor helth tri dem you no want to give dem bak! Good for helth, you luv!!!

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Penny Kuebler Poitras
June 28, 2014

For someone so preachy about proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation... you should proof your tirades... it's lead, not led!

Melinda Lockwood
June 29, 2014

Thank you for mentioning it before I had the chance to do so! : )

John Smith
July 31, 2014

we purchased ankle , knee & calf. prior to our purchase we did some research on the pain relief properties of copper. what we found that this method of pain relief was discovered almost a century ago. depending on your pain tolerance that will determine what effect these types of product have for pain management. we have found that this works for an old special operations combat medic 16 year case officer & station chief finishing at camp Perry as an instructor combined 39 years working for the U.S. the cost is nominal give one area of joint pain a try it's worth it

Susan Pohlman
August 30, 2014

led is to lead someone. lead is also a metal that used to be used in pipes and other materials.

Susan Pohlman
August 30, 2014

I highly recommend, before convicting others of their poor grammar, that you really use a dictionary. It's obvious you are a product of your own comments.

September 11, 2014

Let us not JUMP on a possible ''typ-o''. Didn't see the forest for the trees??,,It was a valid opinion/comment.

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1 Review

Buyers Beware

Reviewed By TommieCopperIsCrap on June 16, 2014

Buyers beware. Never refer a friend unless you hate them. Never purchase any of these products. There is NOTHING about them that's any different than a sock. The positive feedbacks come from people that are paid by TommieCopper. to say positive things about the products. Check the similarities of the feedbacks. These products are so stupid and a waste of money. Plus the sizing is all wrong. Better order 2 sizes smaller than their suggested size. I will contact BBB in response to their scam.

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August 22, 2014

i don't work for the company. I'm not paid to say anything. I have worn the knee brace for an arthritic knee for over a year. My knee barely hurts, unless i forget to put the knee brace on. I won't do any walking or working without it. I don't know why the vitriol against a product which obviously works--at least for some conditions. It works for me, I'm on my third set and now wear the compression shorts when I work to help my back by pulling in my stomach. It's all good and so much less cumbersome than most braces.

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