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Legit or Scam?


Thomas Kish

Thomas Kish specializes in teaching strategies for obtaining large credit lines and successfully using them to fund real estate deals.  His course is essentially designed to show people how to avoid using their own money for investments.

Tom Kish owns the website UltimateRealEstateGuideOnline.com, and has been a keynote speaker at many real estate and financial seminars.  He says that after he started using unsecured business lines of credit he was able to buy and sell over 8 million dollars worth of real estate.

These days Thomas Kish teaches these methods of how to obtain over $200,000 of credit in his course, The Ultimate Real Estate Investor's Guide.  Through this guide he shows people how to implement the steps that he perfected in obtaining credit and using it to build massive wealth.

Thomas Kish's system is designed so that both people with and without a registered business can benefit.  He will show you step-by-step how to fill out the required paperwork to make sure that you qualify for the highest amount of credit possible. He also includes a large section on how to avoid common mistakes that result in small credit lines.

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