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Dan Anderson, also known as The Trader in Pajamas, is a former computer programmer turned trader who promises that he can teach anyone a simple system to use for trading that could earn them up to $10,000 a week.

The system that Anderson promotes in his Trader in Pajamas program works with something called “binary options” in foreign exchange trading. This type of trading is incredibly simple – all you do is choose a type of foreign currency and then decide whether you believe the value of that currency will go up or down over the course of the day.

When Anderson worked as a programmer, one of the things he did was test this type of trading system to determine whether or not there was any flaws in the program – any “loopholes” people could use to “beat” the system.

For majority of the time he worked as a tester, he claims he was always able to fix the loopholes. Eventually, though, there was something that he came across that impacted the system and couldn’t be protected against.

Making a simple decision as to whether value will go up or down seems like a coin flip – you have a fifty/fifty chance of being right. But says that a simple statistical formula which can be learned in as little as twenty minutes can actually help you be right far more often.

Currently, Dan Anderson is saying that he will explain his system to you for free because the more people who use his system, the better it works. You will, however, have to sign up for a Stockpair account to get started.

Also, if you want a more in depth explanation of his entire trading system, you can download the PDF of his eBook for just $9.95. The website says that if you are unhappy with what you receive, you have 60 days in which to ask for a refund.

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