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The Motley Fool, found online at, is a website which claims to be able to provide people with the “next big thing” in computers since Bill Gates created Microsoft.

In order to get any further information regarding this, however, you first must give the website your email address and fill out a short questionnaire regarding your personal investment and trading habits.

You will have to provide The Motley Fool with the type of investments you are considering – such as stocks, real estate, fixed income, etc – as well as how often you trade per month, and the current size of your portfolio.

The questionnaire is also interested in whether you own a small business, your favorite “tickers,” and your zip code. Once you have submitted this information, you’ll be brought to another page where you’ll be given the opportunity to sign up for a wide variety of free financial newsletters.

These newsletters offer headlines regarding popular investment and trading topics, as well as many different stock advisor sites. These different sites provide their users with financial blogs, calculators, and stock promotions.

It is important to note that does alert their users that these other websites are advertising partners, which means that they are not professional investment information sites – rather they are for profit websites.

Signing up for these newsletters is likely to result in these sites contacting you with a variety of special offers, subscription opportunities, and purchase opportunities. More importantly, you should be aware of the sites which claim to have the inside track on investment opportunities with large returns.

And because these companies are “advertising partners,” each individual financial site should be independently evaluated before you agree to pay for their information and especially before you use it for any sort of actual investments.

If you have any experience with this website and their information, please leave The Motley Fool reviews below.

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