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About The Haney Blueprint

The Haney Blueprint is an online golf training system that promises users that the Parallel Swing Plan system can lower your scores, increase your consistency, and flat out make golf more fun.

Hank Haney has coached more than 200 professional golfers, including Tiger Woods at the height of his competitive career. Using this experience, the video system aims to teach you how to use your own body mechanics to "unlock the distance and accuracy potential in every swing."

How Does It Work?

Those who are interested in seeing what The Haney Blueprint has to offer can choose to simply submit their email address to the website to receive access to the ten free video lessons they have to offer.

These ten videos act as an abbreviated introduction to the full training system that you then have the option to purchase.

Cost/Price Plans

It costs $57 to access the full system online and $67 to get the full training course in a set of DVDs that will be shipped to you. For a limited time, customers also have the ability to get both for just $67.

Mobile Options

Not applicable.

Refund Policy

The website says that customer satisfaction is their primary goal, so if at any time during the first year of purchase you determine you have complaints or are unhappy with what you have received, they say you can email or call their Customer Service to request a refund, no questions asked.

Customer Service Contact Info

Consumers with questions can either call them at the phone number 888-241-2460, by email at, or by regular mail at 103 S. Broadway, Suite 210, Edmond, OK 73034.


As with many online retailers, the reviews of this company are mixed, with many positive reviews regarding the quality of the shirts, and many of the negative reviews focusing on the high shipping fees and long, slow shipping times.

Is It Safe?

There does not seem to be any complaints about this company regarding safety.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are other companies that offer online golf training programs, such as Revolution Golf, Graves Golf Academy, and the Square to Square Method.
If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave The Haney Blueprint reviews below.

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1 Review

Free Video Ripoff

Reviewed By Jimmy Johns on January 4, 2015

The website just goes on an on trying to sell you on buying after putting your e mail address in. No video to be found. Figured it was a scam so why waste your money on someone willing to scam people?

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1 Review

Be very careful if you purchase

Reviewed By Glenn Glover on September 15, 2014

Read the fine print. When you buy online access to the videos or the DVD, there is fine print that says you get a 14-day free trial to Haney University. If you DO NOT opt out in 14 days, you will be charged $29/month, until you cancel. This is deceptive marketing - you should be able to OPT IN, not have to OPT OUT or be charged!

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November 21, 2014

Agree a THOUSAND percent. I really want to give this vide series a try, but it is the 14-Day Trial that is keeping me away. In the past I'd purchased a different golf video training DVD series that had something similar, and it was a pain to stop being billed for the monthly charges.

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Best ever

Reviewed By Doug Vail on August 29, 2014

I stopped golfing 20 years ago at age 42 because I was not enjoying my struggling golf game. Lessons just seemed to make it worse. I decided recently to start golfing again and checked out the Haney Blueprint system. After viewing the videos and a week at the driving range(one bucket per day),I just had the most enjoyable round of golf I have ever played. I hit better, longer, straighter. I could diagnose what I was doing wrong . The club felt good in my hands.
I can be much better golfer than I am right now but unlike 20 years ago I can see a way to get better, fast. Thanks Hank.

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January 14, 2015

You don't have to take the haney university when you order the blueprint just call on the phone like I did and just let the customer service person know you want the blue print but not haney university and they will cancel it right away and send you a confirmation email it was canceled not a problem done

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