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Legit or Scam?


Team National is a company that uses the power of volume purchasing to contract discounts from a variety of retailers.  By joining the company you have the chance to take advantage of these savings and are also encouraged to market the same benefits package to others.

The opportunity from Team National is a Benefit and Service Guide called "Your Road to Savings."  It's a package that offers discounts on a plethora of products and services.  This package sells for between $400 - $2,000 depending on whether you opt for the two year or lifetime package.

Team National encourages you to resell this package to your friends and family who will in turn do the same, creating your down line.  The reason that the company has some negative comments about it is that whenever the recruitment aspect of an multi level marketing is more beneficial than the product/service then red flags are automatically raised.

I'm not saying it is or it isn't in this particular case but I know that many people feel that any MLM organization is inherently deceptive with regard to it's recruiting practices. It's up to you to decide if you feel like MLM is the type of business model you want to work with.

If you've been approached by a Team National representative and are interested in joining the company I would recommend a few things.  Since two thousand dollars is a lot of money to pay for anything, sit down and make a list of what discounts you will realistically want to take advantage of. 

Then cross reference it with prices/packages that you can find online or through less expensive discount programs.  If you believe that you'll save more buying products from Team National than it costs for the membership then this may be a good deal for you.

The people selling Team National as a business opportunity use savings on a vehicle purchase as one of their main selling points. This is where you have to be very thorough because with such a big purchase you want to make sure you're really getting the savings that you expect.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for 'Team National'


Average Rating is 3.06 out of 5 based on 518 reviews.

Lisa   NE

3:21pm on April 10th, 2014 

My husband and I just received the sales pitch this week. The guy had no clue what he was "selling." He referred us to "testimonials" on a website and called a couple different cult members to explain it. I got it right away...We give the guy $2200 and then we find six other people to give $2200 and then we will get a $1500 check. Do that math..who is getting rich? The upper crust of the pyramid...and you have to sign up at least one person every six months to maintain that check. If you don't, the person that signed you up gets that money. A business where the boss is hoping you fail. Oh, but there is this group buying club...after you set up a yearly fee "business" web site to get a little refund off your online purchases (and pay crazy shipping fees.) Six percent refund from Target? I get 5% and pay no shipping because I shop locally. They also offer great vitamin/weight loss products for a greatly inflated price. You want to keep track of your "down line"--who you signed up and who they signed up? That will be $75 please... Needless to say, we doubled our money by folding it over and putting it back in OUR pocket.

Derek   Walker, LA

4:38pm on April 2nd, 2014 

GROUP BUYING POWER!! WHAT A CONCEPT!! We can bring you over 1,000,000 members to shop at your store if you give us a discount! Corporations utilize this concept all the time for themselves. Team national offers it TO THE PUBLIC. You don't have to be some big wig corporation to get these deals! Anybody can have it. The best part is, I got in for FREE!! And you can too!! Understand this, the only reason that you took the time to google this is because someone thought enough of you to invite you to take a look. We do not advertise. This is word of mouth advertising...INVITATION ONLY!! Do your research, but also do yourself a favor. Take a good hard look at this company. The opportunity of a lifetime only comes around twice for the average person. Now I don't know if this is your first or your last, but I do know Team National is one of them!! You can get on the train now or wait for it to pass you up and wonder why you're still living paycheck to paycheck. Trading your hours for dollars to make someone else rich. Either way it won't bother me. It may bother you, but my Team National family and myself are going to be just fine with or without you. Contact whoever told you about this awesome company and SIGN UP TODAY! Or just stay where you are and let this amazing opportunity pass you up. I really don't care...it's your life. Your decision. Have a wonderful day! ;)

Cameron   Baton Rouge

11:46pm on March 16th, 2014 

I have to wonder why some people think there is no product. The product is a membership that pays me a commission when I shop online at 300 Fortune 500 stores. Factory direct furniture at .35 on the dollar, Sears Commercial for discounts on appliances, tools, mowers, snow blowers, and more. 15% off my AT&T bill. I made my $2195 back in two weeks and that is with savings and sharing the membership. My fridge was on sale at Loews for $2600. Sears Commercial was $2050. No, Team National does not make anything and therefore does not pay or have overhead to make products. Sam's, Best Buy, Sears, Loews, Target, and 295 other stores have plenty of products. This is about group buying power and team work. Simply amazed at the comments here on mlm. Someone who you bring on can do better than you. It is about what you put in and if you don't think that the VP of sales at your company doesn't make money when you do well then keep dreaming. When I do well, I am rewarded and the people that introduced me get rewarded. So it is structured for your team to work together because if you do well i do well. Not get rich quick but every dime I save after two weeks is pure profit. If you don't want to buy a car at invoice or below then go haggle. It is as real as you are. Thanks.

Shelley   Iowa

11:12am on March 6th, 2014 

We saved back our initial lifetime membership cost in approximately 16 to 18 months. Since then we have saved thousands more (free money now). We also have enjoyed earning by sharing with our friends. If you don't save with this opportunity, you probably have very unusual buying habits, or just did not really give it a proper try.

Haley   AL

2:44pm on February 26th, 2014

I have recently been introduced to Team National by a friend of mine and have gone through the presentation twice now because I am so skeptical. While I see the value in this company and I would love to know how to be successful with it, I'm scared to join because A.) I am a college student with very little means, B.) I am not completely sold as to how this could make me money when I don't even know anyone who is willing to take such a risk with their money and this company that they have never heard of and C.) How do I avoid messing up relationships with family and friends and not make them feel pressured when they are around me? The TN rep that came to my house sounded very genuine and I have seen first hand where she keeps up with her team and is willing to help, even with a member that has been inactive for over a year! Honestly I'm just nervous. I feel like I would be willing to put in the work if I wouldn't be risking relationships with family and friends and wasting nearly $800. Please send some clarification my way and not some hyped up website junk with 100 success stories and no credible information.

LeeS   Cleveland,TN

4:48pm on February 23rd, 2014 

Whoever wrote this article obviously doesn't know much about team national because Team National is no Multi Level Marketing. Team National is legit

jim   monroe louisiana

10:49am on February 18th, 2014 


Fred   Cookeville

10:29am on February 1st, 2014

One other thing for all you people that think you can get better deals at Sam's or other places.. Sam's is Partnered With TEAM NATIONAL.. So if you are in Team National and you find a smoking hot deal at Sam's (better than you can get anywhere else), you buy it from Sam's through Team National and you get the best price + Cash back.. How is that not legit?? And you are shopping on Sam's Official home page so you are paying same price as if you walked into Sam's!!!

Fred   Cookeville

1:40am on February 1st, 2014 

Been Involved for almost a year and have saved over half of my 2200 investment. Yes you occasionally can get as good of deals on a car yourself, but really people who enjoys haggling with car salesmen? And how are Sams prices cheaper when Sams is one of the retailers you can get rebates from with TN. I have never pressured anyone to join me in TN. If some people do shame on them. They don't understand the true nature of team national. Bottom line people just like Sams if you never use your membership you are wasting your money. If you join TN and don't use the savings you wasted your money. Also Sams can not save you money on things like mortgages or insurance, cc processing etc. And neither does amazon...

Jessica C   GA

2:52pm on January 22nd, 2014 

WOW! Some people on here are so close minded and down right dumb! Or just maybe they were not shown this in the correct way! I see people talking about prices at Walmart, Best Buy and Home Depot, etc. Well that is only one of the 5 MAJOR ways to save money! You all are missing out on the $11,800 I saved on a BRAND NEW 2014 YUKON! And yes I checked 4 dealerships and they could not get even close to a TN dealership! Or the extra 20% on ATT bill that we save! I am just really shocked on how these folks have really misunderstood an amazing company!! We have been teamed up for 7 months now and have made over 13 times the amount of the lifetime in earnings and saved over $18,000 so far!! WOW PLEASE tell me how this is a scam. It is just a LIKE a Sams club Membership! If you walk into Sam's and by a membership and never use it, does that make Sam's a Scam? Why heck no. It makes you an idiot for buying a membership that you would never use!! This is not for everyone! Not everyone is smart enough to see the value in it! If someone pushes this on you then don't sign! I share this at least 40 times a month and NEVER push it on anyone! The 1st thing I do is help them save some money somewhere!! Use common sense when thinking on ANYTHING!!

Tom   West Virginia

9:53pm on January 17th, 2014 

I've looked at this company and the opportunity several times. It is MLM so if MLM scares you you are not likely going to stay away from it or you will try it and then leave negative feedback. With MLM opportunities you have to work at it. you can't be scared to talk to people, You have to realize for every one yes you will get a lot of no's. and you have to believe in what you are Marketing..

I have tried different kinds of MLM deals and made some money. I sure haven't got rich that's for sure, With the ones I have tried I did get my monies I had invested back before I quit except for one. Somehow I just couldn't sell all of those cassette tapes I had to buy. And buying Soap and Vitamins every month to keep me active in my business is silly..

I like the avenue with Team National, One you buy a membership. No the company doesn't make products, (I like that). You buy a Membership where you can get discounts from retailers. Look at it this way, Sears, Kmart, Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot and many more aren't going to give you a discount for shopping with them UNLESS, You have a Special Discount Program like Team National with you when you go shopping. So depending on how much you spend will depend on how much you save over your investment.

Ok so you spend $400 to become a member for 2 years. well if you shop any at all you should save enough at Walmart to cover most of your investment. Plus you have the business opportunity to help make some cha ching along the way.. So it's like this how much are you going to spend to save and how hard are you going to work to make money. Being self employed is very nice BUT if you don't work you don't eat..

I have a cousin who is actually making money with this opportunity. It has taken him several years but it is paying off for him

Steve   Tennessee

8:48am on December 10th, 2013 

IT'S REAL.... IT WORKS.... IT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY IF YOU USE IT.... AND YES YOU CAN MAKE MONEY BY SHARING THIS GREAT COMPANY WITH OTHERS. I Have been a member for a year and a half,best money I've spent in a long time. My family has saved much more than it cost to join, WE LOVE THIS COMPANY...
If you are smart you will take a look and make an informed decision not a snap judgment ....

Lied To In KY.   Kentucky

10:58am on December 9th, 2013 

I was presented with the opportunity to join the " Team National" family by some friends. The sales pitch is fast, and intense with lots of numbers,and figures thrown at you. The main draw is the savings you can get, and the rebates that come from the products you buy. Unfortunatly these are all untrue. My wife and I spent $800 of our money which we really didn't have to spend with the promise of great wealth and savings. I'm sure if you managed to get in on the ground floor,you are making money, but only by scamming those poor folks who believe that you will actually get what you're promised. It is NOTHING more than a pyramid scheme, and thats all there is to it. If you can in good faith pawn this off on your friends and family, then by all means do it, but as someone who values friends,family,and God above money I cannot in good faith sell this to anyone. The Tn. bunch is the worst,it's almost cult like. They're sales pitch consists of lots of pressure,and the attitude that if you don't buy into the lies, then you're an idiot.I was told directly from someone above me that you have to make the people think it is something they cant live without, and if they dont bite... then go on to the next one. Save your money, and dont buy into the lies.

Erica   Location unknown

1:08am on December 5th, 2013 

One of the biggest mistakes of my life! I knew in my gut from the introduction that this was horrible!! I trusted a friend and I wanted to support her? I want Team National to know that they have horrible representative's that are literally robbing people by promising them instant success. Multi-level- marketing is personal, lots of emotion and belief in the company as well as product! Team National has no product!!!!

Jesse silas   Texarkana tx

2:04pm on November 25th, 2013 

I really love this company, alot of people feel that is a scam. If it were a scam then why would it be one of the most efficient companies out there as far as what it's made with out selling a single product? Hmmmm.... I've been a mamber for 5 years now and it has been good to me. If you are really wanting to better not only your life but the lives of your family then this IS the best move for you. Thanks Team National!

ch   AL

11:58am on October 14th, 2013 

Let a guy come to the house give me the pitch for this company. Red flag #1: He was the friend of a friend who pitched to me cold after I bumped into the pair at a fast food restaurant. Red Flag #2: I'd never met him before, but he claimed to be genuinely concerned with my occupational and economic welfare, and would really like to turn me and my wife onto this “wonderful opportunity.” Red Flag #3: For 3 hours I talked to this guy before coaxing out of him the simple truth that Team National doesn't actually make any product of its own, but only sells memberships in some kind of discount club. Red Flag #4: All the literature contained was success stories. Nothing more - no mention of the process, a product, any caveats or business prospectives….just cherry picked best-case scenarios of success.

What rubs me the wrong way about this is that it ignores the basic rule of business – good sales depend on good products. At the end of the day, the only thing this company tried to sell me was "the opportunity to make lots of money", and while that may sound great on the surface, it's promise that preys on the weakest and shallowest of human desires. I would rather get up in the morning, go to work, do something productive than to cold-sell my friends, my co-workers, or complete strangers I just met at a fast food restaurant for hundreds or thousands of dollars for the "opportunity" of making money. All this guy could pitch to me was the dream of "never having to work long days again," or "being my own boss." There was absolutely no concern that I was right for this job or that the job was right for me. This scattershot approach to making money seems suspect at best, desperate at worst.

It would seem that this pitch is designed to appeal to people who don't earn what they believe they are worth, or maybe who work too hard at a blue collar job to justify the hours and low pay. But frankly, that isn't me. I'm a professional, and I like my job, and I do it because I’m good at it and because I like to, not because I have to. I also believe that I'm paid what I'm worth. I understand that not everyone can be so lucky, but picking candidates by their desire to make money rather than their skill or level of proficiency at…well at anything, is incredibly suspect. A legitimate business is primarily concerned with the quality of their work force, not the quantity.

There's an old saying that if you give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, he'll eat for a lifetime. Well, for Team National, it might be closer to "If you give a bunch of your fish, I'll teach you to beg everyone you know to give you all their fish, then we can all eat well, as long as people keep sending you their fish."

Is it a scam? Hard to say. Maybe there's something legit here. But my gut and my experience tells me that it lacks the ethics, integrity, consistency and simple concrete legitimacy that clocking for a day’s pay can provide, not matter how bad the job.

John Roberts   Kansas City

10:51pm on September 13th, 2013 

One thing about team national is very clear. It produces nothing and relies on the continuation of new people to join to continue to grow. It is nice to open a check every Monday and cash an 7-10,000 dollar check, but when I know that all the money trickling up comes from 95% of people that would have just been better off giving 200 dollars as a donation and still have 500 to 2000 dollars in their pocket, or credit card. What? Yes you can charge it. Just remember that you will be much more successful in larger cities because you have a larger pool to ask for a handout. As they say, it's all about the numbers baby. I see members rant about the government and handouts. Taxes etc. come on. Team national is a spitting image of the government. It takes from the many and distributes accordingly. Realistically the company gives out around 45% taken in. This is why they are not a pyramid. They won't go broke. When people stop altogether, who cares. Not us that have reaped the rewards for years. If you feel that you don't have a base or you are scared you have started to late, no fears. Kids graduate from high school every year. All you need os to be able to find those looking for the easy route (not having to work "a real job") and get their money. But hey if the train is moving might as well jump on board. Doesn't matter when it stops as long as you have got back more than what you put in, because I can guarantee you are doing better than 95% of the other people that dished out money they didn't have. Just remember. That's the American dream. Give others false hope to get a little for yourself and the rest to Ceasar (or in this case us greedy beggars at the top)

Lee S   Chattanooga

1:59am on September 11th, 2013

Simple it does work and you do save and you can earn.250 plus retail stores and many fortune 500 companies wouldn't put their name on a scam. If you want to go to the BBB,The Direct Selling Association,The Chammber of Commerce and Dun & Bradstreet credibility Corporation. They don't get involved in scams or illegal pyramids either and they shut them down. After 16 years you'd think a scam would be shutdown by now wouldn't you? Best thing we've ever done

Lee   Cleveland,Yn

6:23am on September 10th, 2013 

I see people saying they can save more at their store or through Sams.What you fail to say is we get the same pricing as the stores whether it be online or in the actual store we just get a rebate back on out purchases in the form of a commission check. So to say you get better deals from the store is just a flat out lie to be honest. Can't stay in business for 16 years and have the BBB,Chamber of Commerce,Dun& Bradstreet and the DSA plus over 250 plus retails stores if you were a scam.

Bruce & Kathy Tyler   Texas

4:16pm on August 28th, 2013 

We just joined Team National recently and we love the company. The savings are real and the people I've met and talked to are very friendly and helpful The company does not claim to offer discounts on everything and they are very clear about it. What they do offer is cash back on the products you buy from about 200 popular businesses. The savings they offer on factory direct furniture, jewelry, etc. are truly amazing. A lifetime membership that covers members and their children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents is really a bargain at $2200. The yearly fee for the website is understandable, too, since the web sites and commissions must be administered by the corporate office. Again, they make this very clear. There are costs associated with any business and not everyone wants to be involved with a membership savings co-op. That's okay! I just don't understand why some people have to be so negative. We're not ashamed to put our names on this and be affiliated with a faith-based, family friendly business like Team National.

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