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About TastingRoom.com

Tastingroom.com is a wine club that caters to its customers preferences. They offer many kinds of wine to sample and purchase. In order to find great wines, that are also affordable, they have made direct connections to Wineries and Vineyards worldwide. Thru the direct sale of wine, their customers’ cost is lower than retail pricing.

Joining Tasting Room’s wine club can be easily done directly through their site or by phone. To start the program you will need to pay $9.95 for the samples and shipping. After 30 days a case of 12 bottles of wine is shipped, the case costs $84.49. Every three months thereafter, another case of wine will be sent automatically and charged to your card on file. This shipment, as well as all future shipments, will cost $149.99 plus $19.99 for shipping.

Members can cancel at any time to stop shipments, from that point, forward. Additionally, if someone doesn’t like the wine they received, it may be returned or exchanged for something more suitable to their tastes.

Sample wines purchased from Tasting Room are highly reliable for their true flavor; through technology they are capable of using a 750ml bottles to make six 50ml samples. These samples are made with a unique bottling system to prevent the wine from being exposed to oxygen, causing oxidation and evaporation.

In addition to the high quality sample bottles, Tasting Room is also known for their wine personalization techniques. With the initial sample kit, a packet of instructions are included. It is important to read through the information because it explains how to rate the wine and defines the properties for each wine sample.  

Upon submitting your wine sample ratings, the algorithm programmed into their WinePrint technology is used to decipher what kind of wine drinker you are. Whether you are rating samples, wines by the glass or bottles, updating your Wine Profile is pertinent to a successful experience on TastingRoom.com. As you receive cases of wine throughout the year, each one will be curated even more precisely, than the one before, to your taste palate.

Reviews online, submitted by Tasting Room customers, were favorable. Ordering samples of wine before you buy them is one of the most attractive attributes to this site. Additionally, if you don’t like the case of wine they send, you can return or exchange it. This is a rare practice, as wine is typically not a returnable item. 

Another positive aspect is that their wine selection changes seasonally, so there are always new wines by the glass to try. Not only do customers order the sample size bottles for themselves but they even order them for parties, gifts and casual get-togethers. This way all of their guests have a variety of options to choose from and less wine goes to waste if the bottle had not been finished.

The price may be worth it if you are interested in exploring and learning about different types of wines and want to have fun while doing so.

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Should be poured back into the donkey

Reviewed By Howard Cohen on October 27, 2015

Received six tasting bottles of wine that I would have sent back on a plane! From this admittedly limited experience I'm left with the feeling that there is a strong element of "scam" in this company's business model.

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Reviewed By James on September 2, 2015

They advertise a fairly priced tasting kit to help determine the wines you like, with the option of buying more overpriced bottles through their sleek online store. However, AS SOON AS YOU ORDER THE TASTING KIT you are enrolled in a WINE SUBSCRIPTION that will automatically charge your card over $150 for overpriced wine plus shipping every month. If you call and try to cancel the order, they'll charge a $30 restocking fee.

Just, stay away.

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September 25, 2015

James, you did not look at your web profile? You can modify shipment frequency (any time) from every month to three months. Select your quantity from 12, 6 or 2 bottles and an personalize the selection of wine combinations: all red, all white or a 4/2 ratio of red/white.
It is as simple as logging in which YOU DID because you completed the taste test to build and ship your first order.
Jimbo, please slow down and think before you click!
"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around for a while, you could miss it."

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Sticking to buying wine offline

Reviewed By Allison on January 21, 2015

I had heard about Tasting Room from a friend who loves it, so when it was offered on Groupon I decided to give it a try. I will admit that most of my issues from then on were user error, but I feel that they could have easily been avoided with better communication/direction from the website.

My first issue was that I had bought the tasting kit in late November/early December to give as a gift to my husband. We both missed the catch that you need to complete the tastings by a certain date, otherwise they just send you the 6 bottles of wine that they choose. I sent them a polite email asking them to stop shipment and they kindly did so.

After tasting the wines in the kit we completed our profile and were ready for our first shipment of 6 wines. On our online account there are options to "ship now". Thinking this would kick off our first of many shipments we chose this option, I was shown an invoice for $0 (the first shipment was paid for by our Groupon) and later an email notifying me my wine was on the way. Great!

A week later I was checking my bank account and noticed I had been charged $149 plus $19 for shipping from Tasting Room!! I was puzzled to say the least. After sending another polite email letting them know an error had been made and requesting a refund for the 6 bottles I never received, I received a lengthy and slightly condescending email letting me know that despite these errors being my fault (I selected ship now on a future shipment that would have cost us $149 regardless) they would refund the $149 plus $19 and send us our original 6 bottles.

I will say, in my experience their customer service is great. My complaint it that their website needs to be a bit more fool proof, unless they really are trying to trick people into paying $160+ for the 12 bottles of wine they didn't get to choose. I also was not too impressed with the wine selection we received, and would much rather spend that $12-15 per bottle on something I know I like.

They send a ton of emails through Lot 18, so why not send out confirmation emails before processing shipments. This would have notified me that I needed to complete my wine kit in order to have a say in the shipment. It also could have let me know that I didn't need to do anything to receive the 6 bottles, that they would ship automatically at a pre-determined date. Communicating these things would have made the whole experience much easier. I'll stick with buying my wine at stores and wineries in person from now on!

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Tastingroom.com / lot18 is a scam.

Reviewed By christina on November 3, 2014

I read an article about wine tasting. This article talked about a business named tastingroom.com that sends out six adorable tiny bottles of wine to a customer for a low price of $9.99. When the wine arrive you log in to the website tastingroom.com to taste the wines and take a test to see what type of wine suits you best. Then tasting room / lot 18 will send you info about wines you may enjoy. You may purchase these wines at a discount through Lot 18. Suddenly you are being offered too many emails re: "wine deals" from Lot 18 via email. Until one day you receive an email stating your order has shipped. This order is of six bottles of wine that you did not choose, you did not order, you did not want. When you call tastingroom.com / lot18 within moments of receiving the email and you state they may not charge your credit card for this unwanted order they offer you no options whatsoever and say you are stuck with the wine. Two days later I receive an email that the wine was leaving the warehouse. There is no reason this business should be unable to contact the warehouse over a two day period and put a stop to an unwanted shipment. Especially with two days advanced notice! Tastingroom.com / lot 18 does not send out emails making you aware of these shipments in order to let you decide about the shipment. They absolutely do not! They send you an email stating you are being charged for a shipment and it its on the way. So many consumers are complaining of this ultra shady business practice by lot18. I called Lot 18 again to find out what would happen if I refuse delivery of the wine : I was forced to either sign for the wine or forfeit both my money and the wine. Since I had not even had a chance to taste the first bottles of wine I had no idea how completely awful this wine is.

Myself, like many others never even had a chance to do the wine tasting before this second shipment I did not order or authorize payment for was sent to my house. Once the wine arrives it is very obvious it is the absolute lowest quality of wine imaginable. When you Google any of the names of the wineries on the bottles they do not exist. Each label says bottled exclusively for Lot18, but the wineries on the label DO NOT EXIST! This wine is absolutely horrible. It is the worst wine I have ever tasted. I think tastingroom.com / lot18 is simply printing labels to put on wine bottles and that the wine comes from very strange source, like wineries who are selling off bad batches. The wine is sour and not fit for drinking. This sentiment is reflected in comments of hundreds of other consumers who have been ripped off by this tastingroom.com / lot 18 wine "club" scam. I have been a member of wine clubs in the past and it is a fabulous experience! Nothing at all like this scam perpetrated by tastingroom.com / lot18 . This wine is so bad it is no doubt tasting room / lot18 is aware they are perpetrating a scam. Tasting Room . com / Lot 18 stole $63 from me and many, many others. They get a lot of people for $140 by sending those folks 12 bottles of wine they did not order! I Hope that Tastingroom.com / Lot18 will use all of this energy they are using to scam people and instead attempt to create a viable business that values its customers and not just create a new scam with a new name.

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