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Sycamore Options is an online broker site which says that they provide their investors with a platform for investing and trading that gives them the ability to earn up to 75% returns on all their trades.

This trading platform is focused on something called “binary options.” Binary options are a specific type of options that exist within many financial markets, including stocks, currency pairs, commodities, and indices.

Binary options are rapidly growing in popularity because they are simple to understand.  All that is required of investing in binary options is to choose whether you believe the option of your choice will Call, which means go up, or Put, which means go down, over the course of a specified period of time.

But what Sycamore Options considers the best part of binary trading is that their investors get to know up front what kind of return they can expect when making these trades. If you the Call or Put choice you make is correct, you will receive a return of up to 75%. If the choice you make is incorrect, you will lose your initial investment.

In addition to the simplicity of this type of trading, it also provides a quick return. The periods of time for these trades can last as long as a full day, one hour, or even as little as one minute. 

Binary options trading may be a little intimidating to people who are unfamiliar with it, especially because of their association with Forex trading, which has been controversial in the past. But binary options trading is actually legal and is even regulated within the United States.

Members who have questions, complaints, or issues can contact their Customer Service either by phone, email, or via a live chat option to get answers to their specific concerns. They have centers to help you based on your international location.

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