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Survey Savvy Reviews

Legit or Scam?


SurveySavvy is an online community where members can participate in paid market research.  SurveySavvy.com was founded by Luth Research, a 30 year old market research firm based in San Diego, California.

For close to ten years SurveySavvy has been providing its members high paying survey opportunities.  They have roughly 3 million members spread over more than one hundred countries.  Survey Savvy has also paid out more than any other survey company, a total of over 14 million dollars.

SurveySavvy.com has a payment structure that seems to be better than other competitive survey companies.  They pay a minimum of $3 per survey but usually more than that, depending on the amount of questions.  They also have a referral system that pays you per member you recruit and $2 for every survey they complete.

SurveySavvy also has many ongoing promotions for members that don't qualify for surveys in the form of monthly prize pools.  One thing that I do like about SurveySavvy.com is that there is no minimum payout, you can cash out whenever you please and have a check mailed to you.

In comparison to other online Survey sites SurveySavvy is one of the best, they provide the most opportunities with the least spam and junk mail.

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