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About St. Tropez Self Tanner

The St. Tropez Self Tanner from St. Tropez is one of the most well known sunless tanning products on the market today and promises the most natural looking tan available from an at home sunless tanning product.

According to their website, their products were considered a breakthrough in the sunless tanning market when they originally launched because they were able to give you an entirely natural result, the first time and every time.

The ingredients they use in their products are high quality and expensive, which makes their products more on the expensive side when compared to many other brands, but they promise that these ingredients are worth it for the results they provide.

These ingredients have been tested and have no known toxicity so they are safe even for pregnant women, though hormonal changes within the first three months of pregnancy may affect the development of the tan.

When applying any sunless tanner, it is important to make sure that your skin is clean, smooth, and exfoliated, though you should be careful to not shave, wax, or pluck within 24 hours of using sunless tanner to ensure the most even results.

After applying the lotion, it is important to give it time to soak into the skin before wearing clothes or doing other activities. St. Tropez recommends that you do not wash, bathe, swim, shower, or exercise during development time, typically for 8 hours after application.

Your tan will continue to develop over the course of the next 24 hours, with your tan lasting anywhere between 2 and 10 days, depending on your skin type and how you care for your sunless tan.

St. Tropez Sunless Tanner and other products, like their Body Moisturizer, Body Butter, Tan Extender, Tan Intensifyer, Body Polisher, and more, can be found online and in various stores in your area by using their Store Locater.

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