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Spring Leaf Financial is a company that mainly services personal loans. They do however provide business solutions as well.  Being able to obtain a quick source of financial help in desperate times is possible with their loans. Many of these loans are used for college tuition and expenses, home improvement, major purchases, medical bills and sometimes even for a vacation.

Another personal financial solution provided through Springleaf Financial is bill consolidation. By consolidating all of your debt and bills into one monthly payment, it all becomes a bit more manageable. This can relieve some of the frustrations that come with having a number of bills as well as a number of collection agencies harassing you day after day.

Applying online for a personal loan is simple; other options include applying over the phone or in one of their branches located nationwide. If you should apply online or by phone, then you must finalize the loan application process at a local branch, at such time you will also receive the funds.

Business solutions provided by Springleaf Financial include mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, and asset acquisitions. They are available to help businesses reach their goals by providing the backing they need to do so. With their options, businesses can choose which solution will help them grow successfully.

There are also REO property home listings on their site. Through their site home search, you can find a home and get the financing to purchase the home directly through Springleaf. Search homes by square footage, price, or location and then contact the listing agent on the home you want in order to move forward.

There is a consensus through all of the reviews online, that Springleaf financial has been dishonest to their customers and scandalous in their business practices. Not only have they harassed customers, but they have ruined their credit, they have lied about the terms of the contract, and they have charged more per month than what was initially agreed to.

They have also led customers into thinking they had plenty of time to pay off their loan and then called them for the loan repayment in full. When the client could not pay this unexpected bill in full Springleaf turned them over to collections and had also gained the rights to garnish wages. They are also known to make threatening phone calls all day long, for days on end, to customers who owe them money.

These are the reasons why it is always important to read any contracts prior to signing them. If you sign a contract that was in any way different than what you had agreed to verbally, there is nothing you can do after the face. Document anything that you had discussed with a loan agent, make sure that all of those verbal agreements connect to the wording in the contract.

Calculate out the payments for the loan to make sure you can afford the loan. Often times, the loan repayment plan, which includes the original loan, fees, and interest, is a struggle for most people to pay off. Springleaf Financial has a payment calculator on their site so you can see what your loan will cost you in the end.

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Hope Mills NC location

Reviewed By Laurie on July 15, 2014

I read all of the positive reviews and submitted an application for a loan for automobile repairs. I received an email to contact the local branch. The representative I initially spoke with was very eager to assist me and she added additional information and explained she would contact me later in the day. After a few hours I decided to call the branch to check on the status. The young lady who I spoke with pulled my information and asked me to hold. Upon return she was very hesitant and explained there was nothing the company could do for me at this time. A denial for a loan request is normal. Nevertheless, the staff should be courteous enough to contact applicants or at least professional enough to explain the loan denial. It appears this company was really not a fit for my needs.

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Want a stalker? Come see Spring Leaf!

Reviewed By Harassment will follow on July 9, 2013, Nowhere to hide

I had a small loan, payments were all on time and the loan was paid off. The high interest rates were finally paid off. THEN, the harassment REALLY starts! Despite many documented requests to remove me from solicitation lists, they continue to track me down! I have been gainfully employed and doing very well financially for over SEVEN YEARS now, yet junk mail and paperwork for pre-approved loans keeps coming. And this after I have MOVED through FIVE DIFFERENT STATES!!!

If you're a bad customer? They harass you and rush to collections (according to other reviews).

If you're a good customer? They will FOREVER harass you!

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July 09, 2013

It's like that cheap ugly tattoo you got when you were too drunk! No matter how great looking you are, YOUR HORRIBLE TATTOO WILL NEVER LEAVE!!!

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Shady loan sharks

Reviewed By mad as hell on January 12, 2013, okc

Refuses to honor the disability insurance they sell even though i've jumped through hoops. Filled out countless paperwork for nothing. I wouldnt wish this experience on my worst enemy. GO HERE IF YOU WANT TO BE SCREWED

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February 27, 2013

Run away from doing business with this company at all. They are loan sharks....Just like cash call. They prey on poor customers and treat you like crap and threaten you. Run!!!

dale carter
April 24, 2013

i dont think i will live long enough to pay off springleaf and they want me to get more.

dick long
April 24, 2013

when you walk through the gates of hell;springleaf will be the first office on the left

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Terms changed at signing

Reviewed By Don Ferron on December 1, 2012

Have been a customer for several years. Needed some extra to help the kids out with tires for the winter. We were advised that we could skip a payment and get back the payment we just made. Got approval before Thanksgiving and arranged to sign the Monday or Tuesday after. Received a call asking if we wanted to use our vehicle(s) as collateral. Rep should have know that they didn't meet the value standard. I declined anyway. When we returned and called to set the say to sign the rep said, "BTW the interest rate is up 3% because it is unsecured". The previous loan was not secured and for the same amount, and our credit score is actually higher.

Kind of hard to not sign once you have already commited the funds. Also, the due date was changed to a later date ... probably so they could get some more interest. We feel like we have been not treated honestly and are looking for another company to transfer the loan to.

Talked with the district rep and the short of the conversation was, "sorry, but there is nothing I can do."

Oh, well!

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