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People search technology programs on the internet have been around for quite some time.  These internet programs continue to emerge with a wider range of search criteria options in addition to an increased amount of data generated within the results.

Spokeo is one of the programs used to locate and connect people and conduct searches for anyone’s personal information. It is formatted for easy use and will produce quick results. With the amount of information you are able to obtain through this program, you won’t have to search any further. You may conduct a search using a person’s name, email, phone, account usernames and much more.

The subscriptions are all priced differently based on the search method and search result combination. The price also depends on the number of searches you plan on doing per month ranging from 5 to 1000. If Spokeo is unable to provide you information on the first search of your subscription, they will refund your money in full. 

Spokeo opt-out is available to anyone who requests it; however, even if Spokeo removes you from their database, your information is still available thru other people search technology sites as well as public record databases.

The unique marketing tactic Spokeo has taken to attract customers is a “cheating gimmick”. They have geared their services toward individuals who want to find out if their significant other is cheating on them.

By using Spokeo you can find out if your significant other is cheating on you using a number of different routes. Public profiles on social networking and dating sites are searchable through an email address or a username. Spokeo has the ability to use location-based social networks to track their past and present location with a time reference for all of their whereabouts.

The fact of the matter is, if you think your partner is cheating, they probably are, and there are many other ways to find out. The first way might be to ask them directly.

It is very easy to find a wealth of information about anyone and everyone because of the new social networking programs prevalent in our daily lives. These applications ultimately display your life to the world. The ironic part is that you don’t realize you are providing information for these people search programs to use.

Because people search technology sites also use public records from recorders’ offices throughout cities, counties and states, they have easy access to personal information. These records are available to everyone, so it is practically impossible to protect your information.

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40 ‘Spokeo’ Reviews
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Reviewed By Susan Phillips Good on October 27, 2014, Chicago, Illinois

Technically, Spokeo does have the billing terms on their site, but they are made to be quite vague.
I thought I was agreeing to paying $3.95, and if I stayed on, an additional $24.xx for 6 mo.
While this info is there, I shop and work online daily. There is a standard way I expect billing to work. I expect a grand total going on my card. They know this, they also know their service isn't worth it, so they deceptively charge you the entire amount.
Why not be honest and tell me the total? Don't think I would press the Pay and Continue button? YOU ARE RIGHT SPOKEO! I wouldn't.
I called to have my subscription canceled, which they did, but now I have to wait days to get my money back.
AND they claimed to have several hits on an email address, when I got there...NOTHING! Not one thing!
It also failed to find anything on my address, even though I have a big presence online.

So even if you want to put the blame entirely in my hands for not reading the payment info, yes, I agree. I didn't read closely.
However, if this was a standard practice on the internet, I can tell you for sure, that there would be no internet shopping. People would not put up with this from Amazon, Ebay, or any other reputable site.

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Where's The People

Reviewed By Richard on October 29, 2013, Chattanooga TN

A new service full of promises and very little delivery. The concept is great. The first 5 search results turned out to be obsolete information. A dead end trail.

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November 21, 2013

i tried it and theyntry to stiff ya for like 30 bucks every month even when it suck they will take it automatically from your card my suggestion don't do it

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Reviewed By LK on October 9, 2013, MN

They said they had everything, but when I paid, they had nothing

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November 21, 2013

yep they have nothing and they try to get you to pay extra

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what a disappointment

Reviewed By Barbara on September 24, 2013, Cookeville, TN

After hearing great things about this site from a friend who OBVIOUSLY had never used it, I signed up for the three month trial period. Then, I tried researching four names of people that I know well including myself. It is actually NOT as valuable as a google search and was NOT accurate. The search told me how many people lived in our house (WRONG), where we had lived previously (WRONG) and did not give the correct social media sites AND gave NO other information. A similar situation occurred with the other folks I researched. So, if you are concerned that people can use this site to find out lots of stuff about YOU, rest easy; it is useless. If you think YOU can use this site to find out lots of stuff about people, forget it. And you do have to sign that you won't use this site for any of a number of business reasons (I guess they know how inadequate they are and that is their protection).
But I did not have any trouble canceling (after I paid for the three month trial) which is what some reviewers complained about. so, the lesson learned is don't use spokeo and don't listen to the recommendations of friends who have not personally used the product they recommend so highly. don't BE one of those recommenders either!

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Don't Waste Your Time or Money

Reviewed By Steph on September 9, 2013, Las Vegas, NV

This site is terrible. I signed up for the 3 month subscription, and only after I performed a few searches was I informed of the "monthly quota." I was attempting to search for people for my high school reunion, so I needed more than the few searches allotted, and nowhere are you told before signing up that there is a limit.

When I spoke to customer service, they sent me through the generic support cycle, and kept indirectly blaming me for not understanding the services correctly (much like their comments on other posts here). "I'm sorry you don't understand the terms" is not an appropriate response to a customer complaint. It's patronizing and offensive.

If you were a reputable company, you would clearly place your terms upfront, to allow people to choose whether your service is right for them or not. Get it together, Spokeo.

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October 24, 2013


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