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SpeedMaxPc is a downloadable software system that claims to give users “High Tech PC Optimization” by scanning their computer, identifying the “bugs,” cleaning their system, and then protecting them from future problems.

SpeedMaxPc is free to download and, once downloaded, will conduct a free scan of your computer, both hard drive and registry, to see where there are areas that could be addressed to have your computer run more efficiently.

In addition, SpeedMaxPc will scan your computer for spyware and malware and show you the specific issues that can be treated with their software.

However, these problems and areas of inefficiency will not be fixed by SpeedMaxPc unless you decide to purchase the software at a price of $29.99. Once you have purchased the software, SpeedMaxPc will begin fixing the issues so your computer can more efficiently.

And once your current problems are corrected, SpeedMaxPc also offers continual protection against spyware and malware so that future viruses cannot affect your computer’s performance.

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Reviewed By Ken on April 28, 2013, Grande Prairie Alberta

Product doesn't work worth a crap. Uninstalled the program shortly after install....computer never worked properly after that. A year later they helped themselves to another years subscription. After months of dead ends and no responses I made a complaint to the better business bureau. Much to my surprise they offered a refund within 3 days. Still waiting.... Scam program and scam company.

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Works wonderfully

Reviewed By Joesph on April 20, 2013, Newton,Mass

I had a ton of toolbars installed on my browser and a bunch
Of unnessarry programs on my pc.

The software cleaned up my browser files and history
And removed all the programs I don't use.
Plus cleaned and removed all the torrent stuff my computer
From when my 17 yr old was using.

I can say without a doubt speedmaxpc worked well
For me.

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O Leary
May 20, 2013

Joseph ,do you work for Speedmax?

Without a doubt
June 10, 2013

A review from a company shill.

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Hard to tell

Reviewed By Nivia on April 13, 2013, Arizona

I purchased this program because I kept getting the "blue screen of death". I installed speed max and dont know if it really fixed my problem but I never got the "blue screen of death" again so it could have. As far as for speed, this program didnt help it AT ALL. My computer is still slow and gets on my nerves so I wouldnt purchase this again....although one year later, safe card charged me 29.97 for it. Apparently its automatic but I called safe cart and they reimbursed me and cancelled my automatic payment and membership..or whatever it is.

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This is a scam

Reviewed By Karl  on April 12, 2013, Akron, Ohio

Like so many other postings, I wish I would have done my research first. This is a scam!!!! I tried the free software on an older PC. Paid the money and registered the product. Tried to have it fix my computer and ended up with a blue screen. The technician on the phone who insisted on having access to my computer to register the product ends up telling me I need more software and needed to take computer in to have fixed- it was slow before, not useless. He nnever did fix or reset it. I restored my registry and was up and running 6 minutes later. Total waste of money. Would recommend to my enemies- all others stay away!

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Reviewed By D. Aguirre on April 11, 2013, CC Texas

Take it from me this is a complete rip off!!!! I wish i would have done my research first! This crap does not work, can't get any help or response to my emails, obviously this is a scam most likely from nigeria or some place that screws you over just to take your money. And, 1-year later they do it again by charging your credit card again without authorization!!!

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evangelitsa brown
May 28, 2013

i installed it but cant get it off thank god i didnt pay for it but has anyone any help to get rid of it please

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