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SpeedMaxPc is a downloadable software system that claims to give users “High Tech PC Optimization” by scanning their computer, identifying the “bugs,” cleaning their system, and then protecting them from future problems.

SpeedMaxPc is free to download and, once downloaded, will conduct a free scan of your computer, both hard drive and registry, to see where there are areas that could be addressed to have your computer run more efficiently.

In addition, SpeedMaxPc will scan your computer for spyware and malware and show you the specific issues that can be treated with their software.

However, these problems and areas of inefficiency will not be fixed by SpeedMaxPc unless you decide to purchase the software at a price of $29.99. Once you have purchased the software, SpeedMaxPc will begin fixing the issues so your computer can more efficiently.

And once your current problems are corrected, SpeedMaxPc also offers continual protection against spyware and malware so that future viruses cannot affect your computer’s performance.

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Reviewed By Flo Willis on June 19, 2014

They charged me £30-92 then gave me a number to phone and activate my licence number, the phone number they gave me dosn't exist! this is the number they told me to ring ( 0800 ) 014-839 if anyone can get through to this number would you please let me know, thank you~

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July 05, 2014

the number is 0800-014-8396

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Reviewed By Ian Hunter on October 24, 2013, New Zealand

Thanks guys this advert just popet up on my other computer? So I have used my other computer to check this (SpeedMax ) out? Thanks again team! Thank you and I will NOT be installing! Thankful Kiwi
yours Ian Hunter South Island, New Zealand

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Has major flaws

Reviewed By Jessie Neagle on September 16, 2013, Avalon, Victoria, Australia

I signed up to SpeedMax and found it marginally better than Win Zip Utilities. Two major flaws:
1. After running it, I could not get into Control Panel

2 At StartUp, a message kept coming up about ". .../apps/roaming/receme.dll
The module cannot be found"
I ran MSCONFIG and found the StartUp Menu full of files I'd never heard of. I unticked the lot and now my system's running well.

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Reviewed By Holger on July 24, 2013

The software is of questionable value, it does little more than any free similar product, in fact I believe it does less. But, of far greater concern is their business ethics. To put it bluntly, I have found them to be less than honest. I purchased SpeedMaxPc for a trial and payed my money; however it failed to meet my expectations, I found it to be cumbersome, it interfered with my work and it required a complete re-boot every single time. So I removed it and thought no more about it. That is, until I reviewed my accounts and found that they had changed my one-of-fee to an annual fee and informed me later that if I didn’t want that then I had 30 days to stop it. Excuse me, I had not authorised an annual deduction in the first place, so be weary be very weary of dealing with this company. Bottom-line for me is, that I believe SpeedMaxPc to be a product to avoid unless you want an inferior product and are willing to pay for the privilege - annually.

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Jim Symons
October 28, 2013

yes, exactly my experience with two unauthorised deduction of funds by direct bank transfer a year later - J

March 06, 2014

me too this company are a rip off

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SpeedMaxPc not fit for the purpose/Grossly misleading advertising

Reviewed By John Newcombe on June 1, 2013, Paignton Devon England

I was tempted to instal this product when my laptop kept coming up with errors.

Firstly by installing SpeedMaxPc's product the advertising material said my computer would be repaired for free,

However once their software was installed I was told that I had to pay £19 to activate it but that this was with a concession of £6 which only applied for that one day.

When it came to payment I was asked for £30.92 by SafeCart which included £5.15 in VAT. As SpeedMaxPc is based in the USA I fail to see how they can charge VAT when the USA is not part of the European Union.

SpeedMaxPc's software doesn't do what it claims to do and I have painstakingly removed every trace of it on my laptop which is now in a worse state than it was before.

I would advise fellow computer users to steer clear of this program and if they have installed to remove it and request a refund via SpeedMaxPc /Safecart . If you don't get any joy that way complain to the Better Business Bureau.

Despite numerous other complaints that I have read about SpeedMaxPc Google still carries their Website and Adverts and Microsoft apparently recommend it.

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June 01, 2013

Avoid at all cost ...scam

S .Shah
June 02, 2013

Thank you , Thank you very much for this pain saver advice. Thank you again.

s. s
June 02, 2013

Thanks a lot for saving me from con- artists who belong in JAIL. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Sorry you got taken it, but....
June 10, 2013

Microsoft DOES NOT recommend this product!!! Read this: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-performance/is-speedmaxpc-safe-to-use/e82d3696-512c-4a40-9525-1b2ba41f9312
If you saw an ad on an official MS site for this program, it's because Speedmax bought ad space and unfortunately, all it takes is signing up for it. MS doesn't carefully screen their advertisers. And just because something appears on Google isn't a blanket advertisement for a product. It just means it's there for search purposes.

June 11, 2013


July 04, 2013

one of the worst moves iv'e made in a real long time. speedmaxpc is a terrible download for $300.00, that makes your computer much worst than it was in the beginning. I immediately had log in problems along with frozen computer. the tecs had my computer remotely, working over 2 hours on it. what a mess they did trying to fix it. in the end they referred me to someone else and I got it fixed finally. I have my visa complaint letter coming so i can retrieve my money. but, no one can pay you for the hassel. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM SPEELMAXPC..a word to the wise.

murdoch maclean
September 06, 2013

why does it get space on my computer, unsolicited and apparently with google's approval?

October 13, 2013

I have a custom built I7 with an SSD primary, it loads windows in a couple of seconds, people may be thinking the "your computer is slow" message is based on some kind of of tech indicator? no they are just pure scammers.

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