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Speculator Picks, found online at SpeculatorPicks.com, is a website which says they can provide their members with the best new stock picks on the market for the best possible return on their investment.

The stock they are currently recommending is Sanborn Resources, a company led by James Dale Davidson which is a junior exploration company in the gold mining industry. And gold is one of the United States’ greatest investments, according to SpeculatorPicks.com.

The website says that price of gold has been dropping recently, and is currently valued at $1,250 an ounce. The highest price of gold occurred two years ago, when the price was $1,913.50. But Speculator Picks says that they believe the price of gold will not only return to its previous highest value, but surpass it.

However, the website goes on to say that if you are looking for the best possible return on your gold investment, buying physical gold and investing in major gold corporations is actually not the way to go about it.

Rather, investing in small junior exploration companies will give you the ability to have your stock value soar overnight. The current value of the Sanborn Resources stock is under one dollar – this makes it a microcap stock, or “penny stock.”

In general, the stock recommendations you will receive from Speculator Picks will be a penny stock. These stocks are considered high risk stocks to invest in, because – due to their cheap price – they are easy for companies to manipulate.

A company or individual can afford to purchase large amounts of these inexpensive stocks, making the value rise and inspiring confidence in individual investors to buy them as well. Once individual investors begin to buy in and raise the value further, the manipulative investor can sell their stock at a profit, leaving everyone else with plummeting stock value.

In addition to the high risk of investing in penny stocks, SpeculatorPicks.com also admits that they are not a legit financial advisory website, but rather a marketing and advertising company which is paid to recommend certain stocks by companies. With this in mind, it is not in your best interest to purchase stocks recommended by this company.

If you have experience with this company, please leave your Speculator Picks reviews below.

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Jim Sweeney

Reviewed By Jim Sweeney on June 25, 2016

I paid a contribution, but was unable to login to the site.
Two requests for login passwords were ignored. It appears to me to be a scam

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1 Review

possibly a scam

Reviewed By George Vaughn Sr. on April 17, 2014

I received a email touting cana a weed stock that could go to 4-5 dollars a share soon, currently selling for .86 a share. thinking I could do a quick in & out ,make a few cents a share.

The next day at 9am I purchased 20,000 shares @ $1. I went out shopping & when I got back it had dropped in half So I lost $10,000. in about 2-3hours.

Seems to me theres something going on here. I've never seen a stock drop so fast! And today it's dropping more in the .40s

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