By joining SparkPeople’s online program and community you will have all of the resources necessary to lose weight and while learning how to lead an overall healthy life. They promote lifestyle changes as opposed to diets because a lifestyle change is a permanent way of living whereas a diet is usually temporary. This site provides you with meal plans, fitness programs, member support, recipes, articles, videos and lots more.

SparkPeople members are able to create personal pages designed for a unique experience with a number of helpful tools. There is a food and fitness application and a healthy recipes application for your iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad Touch so you can stick to your program when you are on the go.

Utilizing tools through their site and phone applications is a great way to hold yourself accountable to the goals you have set and track your progress. There is a weigh-in feature to input and track your weight and body measurements.

The nutritional tracker is used to record calorie intake and water intake, calculate calories using a food calculator, save personal favorite food nutritional information and modify meal plans.

Also, with the fitness tracker tool it is easy to keep count of burned calories, modify burned calorie goals, and track strength training exercises from SparkPeople’s fitness programs or your own fitness program.

There are many online diet programs and online resources that cost money. Since SparkPeople is free to join it is a good place to start if you are interested in improving your health, losing weight and getting the support you need without paying for the same resources somewhere else. It doesn’t hurt to try it out before exploring other routes.

If you are willing to be a part of the community and make changes to your lifestyle using their wealth of information, it is possible to meet your goals.

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Fantastic FREE Site!!

Reviewed By Sharyna WolfCat on January 8, 2016, TN, USA

I have watched this site for quite a few years. I thought they were wonderful at $9.95 a month. They got even better at $9.95 a year. Now that they are free, if you are trying to develop a healthy lifestyle, this is the place to be!

Chris Downie (the head honcho) is hands on and his crew are phenomenal! Dieticians, personal trainers, camaraderie, tracking; it's all there. Easy to use. Pleasing to the eye. Useful. All these describe Sparkpeople.

And FREE!!

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Don't tell them, but I would pay for this site!

Reviewed By Mike on January 8, 2013, Northville, Michigan

This site is fantastic. The only way I can take off pounds is if i keep a log. In the past, this is always a burden. I use to even make my own spreadsheets. This site has it all. The weight and nutrition charts are what I use. This alone is worth a hundred bucks/year!

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