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Solavei is a new company which promises to provide its customers with high quality mobile service that is affordable, and offers unlimited voice, text, and data services at an affordable rate.

For those who may not be familiar, this means that customers can receive unlimited incoming and outgoing phone calls and text messages, as well as have unlimited internet service on phones which have that capability.

At Solavei, these services cost a monthly payment of just $49, and they promise that they will not ask you to sign a contract. This means that customers who have complaints about their service at any point after signing up may cancel this service and switch to another provider, hassle free.

In addition, this company promises that no one must purchase a brand new cell phone in order to get service through Solavei. Instead, they just must get a Solavei specific SIM card which is compatible with their current phone.

Solavei is considered a mobile virtual network operator, which is a wireless provider that does not own its own network. In this case, the network Solavei uses is that of provider T-Mobile, so if you are interested in understanding what kind of coverage is offered by this company, you can look at T-Mobile coverage maps.

Solavei also allows you an opportunity to lower your monthly service payments by recruiting new members. For every three new customers you personally recruit to Solavei, they will pay you $20 each month.

After you have recruited nine members, your monthly cell service would not only be free, but you would be making extra money as well. After you have reached this milestone, members who wish to could pursue this recruiting process further for a full multi-level marketing business opportunity.

People interested in more information on making money with this company can read about the Solavei Business Opportunity.

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